Earl just turned 6 months on July 4th and noone has an idea of how his coat will turn out. I clearly did not know what I was doing and never saw his parents. He was listed as an F1b labradoodle with his mother being listed as a labradoodle and the father as a miniature poodle. I was hoping that he would be curly, but it doesn't seem like that will be the case.  Did anyone else have a labradoodle with hair like Earl Grey?9217777290?profile=RESIZE_584x Earl at 4 weeks.9217777855?profile=RESIZE_584x9217777883?profile=RESIZE_584x9217778658?profile=RESIZE_710xEarl at 9 weeks.






9218190889?profile=RESIZE_710x9217782492?profile=RESIZE_710xEarl after playing in mud messed up his coat.


Earl, after a trim to make him look beautiful again. 

9217791681?profile=RESIZE_710x9217792278?profile=RESIZE_710x9217796101?profile=RESIZE_710x9217796497?profile=RESIZE_710xHe also has the coarse patch of hair that doesnt seem to grow.

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  • His ear setting and general shape look very unlike a labradoodle to be honest.  
    I think there is probably something else in there, I would be curious what a DNA test shows.  

    • I think that there's Aussie in there because everyone asks if his an Aussiedoodle. 5 out of 9 from the litter were merles. 2 had long, thick wavy hair, 3 were curly, and 4 had shorter hair. 1 was a creme merle, 1 was a parti, 3 were tuxedos and 4 had gray, dark brown coloring. They all had a little white on their chest. There was a female that looked like him, but her hair was a bit longer, but he was the most unique out of the bunch. 

  • 9219624889?profile=RESIZE_930x9219625473?profile=RESIZE_930xI found pictures of some of his siblings. 9219621866?profile=RESIZE_930x9219622097?profile=RESIZE_930x9219622464?profile=RESIZE_930x9219622487?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Yes I wouldn't be surprised if there is Aussie or something else.  Was the Poodle parent a "merle" ? Merle poodles are considered not actually truly pure bred as merle was never in the genetics of the early poodles and didn't show up til the 1980's or so.   So it is believed a naturally merle breed was brought in at some point to get merle.  

      • His early puppy pics remind me of a Catahoula leopard dog.

        • You're 100% right. I googled them and  he does. 

      • I have no idea. The breeders were Amish, so we communicated via a third party. I'm going to have him DNA tested because there's definitely something else there. 

        • Lancaster puppies is a well known broker for Amish puppy mills, sadly.

          • I had no idea. I knew that you shouldn't get a puppy from pet stores in the mall and I didn't like the look of the Australian Labradoodles that were available in Georgia, so I decided to look out of state.  Earl was the only one who caught my eye because he reminded me of cookies and cream ice cream. I became concerned after I had already given them my deposit. He wa 100% healthy at delivery and outside of eating my amaryllis plant, he has had no issues. I asked for pictures of the parents, as he was supposed to be a F1b puppy that would weigh 20-25 lbs max and that seemed off to me. I had never heard of a miniature poodle and I couldn't visualize how that would work naturally,  but I never received any.  The only thing that I could go off of was the pictures of the rest of the litter.  If the puppies didn't have similar features, then I wouldn't believe that they were a part of the same litter. 

            I wish that I had not let others convince be not to buy the one with the same coloring, but with the shaggier hair, in addition to Earl. Then, I would know how he looks today. 

            • It happens.  Luckily he's been healthy and happy and loved!  If you're ever in the market for a puppy from a breeder again, check out our podcast episode on what to look for in a breeder: podcast.doodlekisses.com/29

              Choosing a Responsible Doodle Breeder
              Tips on picking a responsible breeder for your next doodle.
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