• I don't think there are definitive answers to either of your questions.  If you like the breeder and have recommendations then you have to make your final decision based on your gut feeling.  There is always a risk in any purchase but buying a puppy or dog must come pretty high up on the difficult ones at the end of the day if you have done all your homework and ticked all the boxes that seem most important then you just have to make a decision.  If an adult dog is healthy and has led a happy life with a breeder then I don't necessarily think they would 'discount' on that basis.  I think that I would want the dog to be house trained and obeying simple commands, have absolutely the best temperament, be healthy and be neutered, oh and look gorgeous too.  You have to fall in love after all.

  • I think there is a difference between a re-home and a retired breeding dog.  I don't see any reason that a retired breeding dog should be any less expensive than the same dog as a puppy.

    • Really? I guess for a retired dog, I figure they will possibly 4-6 years old. That's 4-6 years less loving time I'll have with her, YK?

  • I think it depends. I know some breeders charge more for a dog say 6-12 months old because that dog has likely been trained and you don't have to go through all the puppy trials and tribulations. I guess it would depend on the age and condition of the retired breeder. But the breeder decides on the price and you have to decide if you are willing to pay it.

  • I don't know, my breeder usually gives her digs she used for breeding to the guardian home they stayed in, She only breeds the female three times ..I think they are about four when they retire, I don't know about the price,
  • Julia, I have not read all the other answers, so not sure if any breeders have responded. But if you take a moment to think about it, an older pup or retired dog has had more time invested in him/her. Most breeders have trainers that come in too work with the pups... An older pup usually means more training costs. A retired breeder does not equate to lower price. Most breeders I know will only breed a few litters before retiring a dog and most are under 5 when retired. If you are having sticker shock, you might want to consider adopting a doodle from iDog or DRC. Both have their adoptable odds listed on the front page of DK.
    • No, this has nothing to do with sticker shock. I am trying to decide what is reasonable, or if there could even be a standard in such a case. Sites often warn against breeders who are doing it for the money and it seems to me that this could indicate who is in it for the love of the breed and who is in for making a profit, yk?

      I saw a post here about a doodle being rehomed and people seemed disgusted that the owners wanted $1000 for her.

      • Yeah, that was the owner.  Most reputable breeders have in their contracts that the owner should contact them (the breeder) first.  They will take the dog back (again this is reputable breeders).  Sometimes these rehomes will be listed for a lower price by the breeder but not always.  The breeder wants to make sure that the poor dood that didn't make with the first family gets the right family the next time.  Trust me reputable breeders agonize over each puppy they place to make sure the family and the pup are a good fit for each other.  It breaks a breeder's heart when a dog comes back.

        • I'm not sure I understand the difference. Forget the retiring breeder for a moment, but if a breeder is rehoming a dog for a family, they are also going to give the money to the family, right? I'm just trying to understand the distinction you are making here.


          I once read (not on this site) a breeder asking other breeders what they charged for retired breeding dogs and another breeder answered that she would only ask for about $500 because she is really just looking for a good home her breeder.

          I guess what I am trying to determine is if asking price of such a dog (retired or rehoming) is an indication of the quality and integrity of the breeder. In the same way (though to a lesser extent) that someone would warn someone about buying from a breeder who doesn't do genetic testing.

          • I the breeders I know do not rehome on behalf of the family.  They take the dog back and refund the family.  Then try to find the right home.  I not sure if trying to determine the quality/integrity of a breeder  through the $$ they are asking is the best way.  A reputable breeder will post the testing they do and the results of those tests for each of their moms & dads.  If it is not on their site they should willing share copies of test results upon request.

            If you have not yet visited the group Owner Recommended Breeders here on DK, you should.  If the breeder you are considering is not listed, I would suggest you take the questions from that group and ask them of the breeder you are considering.  Their responses should give you a pretty good idea.

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