• He's absolutely adorable, but I don't think he is going to have furnishings. The "scraggly hairs" on the sides of his muzzle are whiskers. :)  However, it does look like he has some longer hair on top of his muzzle, so maybe he will be a late bloomer. He's got a pretty straight, flat coat, and I can almost guarantee you he's going to shed. 

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  • 10759010860?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Here is a little better picture of Fred's muzzle. He has those hairs on top sides of muzzel

  • My guess is he will have some furnishings.  What did the breeder tell you?  They should be the experts in doodles.

    • I was introduced to the father a beautiful alc standard poodle and the mother a akc golden retriever. I have bought a golden retriever from her in the past and also saw golden doodle pups from her, so I didn't ask many questions. 

  • This dog will most likely be furnished, looks like a striaght hair doodle at the moment though.

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