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My 16 week F2 Goldendoodle is beginning to look like he won’t have a beard or the typical furnishings of a doodle. I know that’s sometimes the case with F2, but he’s still so cute!

Any ideas on what he might look like at 1 year? He definitely has wavy hair, but it’s not very long. Thanks!

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Could we have a photo? 

This is him at about 10 weeks!


I looked at the pictures on your page, and I'd say he is open-faced. No furnishings, and he has the very curly head and ears that usually go along with an open face. He's very cute. 

He is adorable, I agree he won't likely have facial furnishings though.  Good news though no beard mess! I am learning about beard messes the hard way with Riley lol.  Luna was an open faced, flat coated doodle so no beard :p

Oh he is so cute!! What's his name?

Thanks! His name is Merle!

He is a real cutie.  I can't wait to see how he develops.



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