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We went on a hike today with all three doggies and some friends, two of whom were Trasa & hubby & 5 month old labradoodle puppy Noulli:

Our hike was essentially a long walk on a wide and winding road (where no cars were allowed at this time) up in the Blue Mountains so all the dogs ran around off leash. Noulli spent the majority of his time chasing Thule...

And mounting Thule...

Every chance he got--which was a lot...

Every chance Trasa got she would pull him off of Thule. But it was all in vain because he would catch up to Thule again and continue humping away. Thule is far too patient and acts as if nothing is going on at all.

Well around the time we got as far as we were gonna go, Noulli continued business as usual... But This time when he finally got pulled off of Thule for the 324th time I noticed the red rocket had launched. And it was long. And it was not returning home. He walked around with a funny gait for a bit, red rocket still off in space. But soon it started to swell a bit. And turned a bit purple. We began to laugh and worry all at once. He was clearly uncomfortable and started whining. Can you call 911 for such an issue? Poor Trasa tried to comfort and calm down her worried little Noulli who didn't know what to do.

Upon the suggestion of Clark, who must know about these things, I rushed to an area of crunchy snow, scooped some up and, while Trasa held Noulli, I tossed the snow at the painful area hoping to freeze it home. Seemed to work.

Of course, once it was all back to normal, we leashed up the little adolescent to keep him near. But Noulli having no idea he caused his own dilemma...continued to pull toward Thule who kept prancing by, tail wagging, teasing the poor boy!

So is what happened to Noulli normal? Rosco's red rocket occasionally makes an appearance, but nothing like this! ( pictures...what was I thinking???)

**Noulli is a sweetheart...super friendly and adorable!

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OOOH!!...A Red Rocket discussion!...I came back from outer Mongolia just for this! thinking!....had you put that into practice before?........I think I'll use this method on my new boyfriend!!!! ......Brilliant!!!....but I can't help thinking.....Poor Clark?!!???.......LOL! only kidding....
I knew this would hit your radar...and you'd come running for the Red Rocket News of the week! The poooor was quite hilarious. Seriously I thought 'what if it dies of asphyxiation?

At your Service!
Oh they will (get him neutered), no worries there. ... and YES...Thule is spayed.
Rosco was a lot like that at his age before his neutering. Even now humping Thule is a daily event (several times in a row in the evenings...she mostly just continues doing whatever she was doing if she can).
what a fantastic way to start the morning! Adina, you are hysterical!! Your way with words - you didn't need to post any pictures!
Haha, how funny, you gotta love the boys. I hope he will get his hormons a bit better under control after neutering. Benny had the same issue. His red rocket was basically outside ALL the time....I am happy for him that this issue is solved now lol.
OMG I'm crying from laughing at this...poor little guy.

Dexter's RR will come out now and then, but it always goes right back in.
I'm so glad we chose a girl! It would have have started up a whole new discussion with my young kids!!
LOL Leigh, In Southern California would I use mud? leaves?

Thule must be such a patient soul I'm sure that little Noulli will be on his way to the vet soon!

I don't know too much about issues like this. I do remember an odd experience that happened YEARS ago, like 43 years ago when I was just a baby in my understanding of such things. We had an unspayed cocker, a male got to her and they were "stuck" for a long time tail to tail! Ouch! I panicked and called a vet who said "what can say - they aren't through yet" I was so embarrassed.
LOL! Yep he will forever be known here on DK as Noulli the Red Rocket Snow King.
My Non-Doodle Payton has a RR everyday,Poor Jordi for having to deal with Payton's humping and "pinky".
DH's fault for not having him neutered... until I lied and said I was taking Payton to the park.He went to Vet insted.Payton was 1 1/2 years old.



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