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Charlie has been prescribed with 20 mg od Fluoxetine. I never have experienced with psychotpotic medication for my dogs, so I am super scared and worried. I have not given her one yet.

I thought I will give it to her when I get home so I can monitor her for several hours, instead of going home on my lunch, give it to her, and leave the house.

I am wondering if any of your doodles are on fluoxetine, or similar medication? If so what was your experience..?

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Yeah... I hope that works for him.... Prayer.....Seems that my vet had opposite plan. She said that she wanted to start with comfortable level ( I guess that's 20 mg ) and once she begin to feel things are OK, then possibly reduce... She said that there is a possibility that she can totally come off of it as well. It really wasn't like a total magic, though.  I still carry kibbles in my pocket when we are out in the public with her, and I watch her body language... When it seems to be too much for her, I do " Look at that " game and feed her kibbles one at the time.

This seems to help her to associate good thing ( kibble ) with scary things ( stranger ) and ease her anxiety.... Keep me posted.... I will be praying that it works.... My vet said that her Great dane is on Fluoxetine...( I didn't ask how many mg...)

You could give 20 mg one day and 10 mg the other day which will give you the equivalent of 15 mg. fluoxetine has a very long half life which is why this works.
The Pharmacist suggested this, but the vet wasnt sure it would work. That is good to know that you can do this. I am hoping that a higher dose will help him, and that down the road we can wean his dose down as he maintains improvements.

Kyoto - I have done tonnes of classical conditioning with him using teats around other dogs which has helped quite a bit. I also took him to classes based on the exercises in the Control Unleashed book, which included the Look at a That Game. These have helped him with his behaviour around other dogs, but there are still times when he just loses his mind!!

Oh, Don't you love Leslie McDevitt!? I really wished I could actually go to her classes!!!

She is not too far from me like she is in other side of United States, but still too far.....

Yeah great news and continued success! As I've said in the past thank you for sharing your journey with us. Happy New year.



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