Here is Elvis's Instagram page:

On the bottom picture, he is about 8 weeks old and as you get to the top he is 15 weeks old in the picture with my daughter on Mother's Day.  He is an F1b standard goldendoodle.  He is my daughter's puppy, but I spend a lot of time (and money) on him.  Haha.  Just curious about his coat and future grooming needs.  Also, I hear about "furnishings".  Does he have those?  


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  •  LOL- you would be hard pressed to find a dog with more furnishings than Elvis. That's the long hair around tthe muzzle, between the eyes, and over the eyes, as well as "feathering" on the legs. It comes from the Poodle; Goldens don't have furnishings. 
    Most F1Bs have curly coats that need a lot of grooming, including thorough brushing to the skin several times a week to prevent matts. And all non-shedding dogs need regular haircuts. It's too early to say whether Elvis will shed or not, but he looks to have a typical curly F1B coat.

    • Haha, thanks. 

      Do you have a brush recommendation?  My daughter bathes him every week, but I'm not sure she has the correct brush for him.  

      Also, what is a good age for that first grooming?  The vet has us so worried about parvo and said we shouldn't take him anywhere until after his 4th shot at 20 weeks.  He gets his 3rd next Monday at 16 weeks.  I don't remember giving my dog the 4th one at 20.  I always thought a week or so after that 3rd one they were pretty safe?  

      • You'll need a good slicker brush, a good pin brush, and a "greyhound" comb. For brushes, #1 All Systems are reasonably priced and very good. 
        One of my big gripes with doodle breeders is that they don't groom their puppies before they go home. Coated breeds who are going to need lifelong grooming should be started on that at 3 or 4 weeks by the breeder. Nails trims, sanitary trims, trims around the face and feet. Puppies don't need full haircuts until they are a bit older. 
        And tell your daughter not to bathe him every week. That's too often, it will dry out his skin and coat. Once every two weeks is more than enough. It's important to make sure he is brushed out before being bathed, otherwise it can cause the coat to knot and matt.
        I'm pretty sure my last puppy only got 3 DAP shots. I guess some vets follow different protocols. It also depends on how many shots they got while they were still with the breeder, and at what intervals. 

        • Thanks for all of the info.  The breeder did bathe him and groom him. She even fully grooms her own 3 doodles.  :) 

          He got shots a 8 weeks, 12 weeks and will get his 16 week soon.  Maybe they do it to be extra careful?  

        • Yes agreed on the bathing, I forgot to mention that.  My dogs only get baths about every 6 weeks during a full groom OR if they get super dirty for some reason.

          Toby gets brushed before his bath and when he is dry before clipping.  Riley gets her "pre-brushing" IN the bath but that's because I de-shed her with conditioner while she is in the bath due to her thick double coat.  Most doodles don't need the de-shedding.

      • I would get a long pin slicker brush.  Works well for both my bernedoodle Riley with loose curls/waves and my goldendoodle puppy Toby who has tight poodle-like curls. 

        I have the Furminator one, it works okay but I sort of wish I'd gotten one that wasn't flexible. It can be hard to really work at Toby's coat and I'm thinking of replacing it.  Works okay for Riley though because she doesn't mat as easily.  I mostly use the side with the bent tines, it works much better for mats.

        A lot of people around here like the Les Poochs and Chris Christensen slicker brushes, they're hard to find here in Canada though so I haven't bought one.

        She will also need a greyhound/straight comb to check for mats.  Even after I carefully line brush my dogs I still find snags when checking with the comb, especially on Toby the more curly one.  He will look perfectly brushed out at a glance but when I check with the comb I find trouble spots down by his skin.

        Toby needs brushing about every 2 days in order to keep on top of his mats.  Since I have 2 dogs I just swap bath and forth brushing one of them every day, sometimes Toby gets 2 days in a row since Riley's coat is not as high maintenance.



        • I want to make it clear that you're not talking about the original Furminator tool for shedding dogs; those should never be used on dogs with curly, wooly, or non-shedding coats. I wasn't even aware that Furminator made brushes, lol, so when I saw "Furminator", I was puzzled until I read further.  


          • Nooo! Of course not, the long pin slicker made by Furminator.  Thanks for clarifying, that is a very good point.

            This one:  Furminator long pin slicker brush

            The one I covet but will likely not be able to buy unless I somehow con my brother or brother in law into bringing one next time they visit Canada... also I will likely never get because it's super expensive and I already have one "fancy" brush haha:

            Chris Christensen coral brush


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            • Thanks for all of the great info!  And wow, that Chris Christensen brush is pricey!  I'll check out the others.  :) 

              • Another question, would I get a medium or large size brush? 

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