Sophie is 13 weeks old and is doing really well with potty training.  Tonight, I took her outside and she must have squatted 4 to 5 times in a 5 minute walk.  I worried about why she was squatting so much.  I brought her inside and within 5 minutes, she peed in the family room.  I immediately took her outside and she squatted again.  I could not tell if anything happened.

Brought her in and within 10 minutes, she peed again in the house - took her outside - she squatted - brought her in and again within 10 minutes she peed again by the back door.  Basically in 1 hour, she peed 3x in the house plus squatted every time I took her outside.

Do you have any idea what could be wrong?  Typically, I take her outside to potty every 1 hour and she's been great.  I have never had her have 3 accidents within 1 hour.

Any advice would be appreciated.  I'm worried about her because this is so out of the ordinary.



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  • It sounds very much like Sophie has a urinary tract infection. She will need antibiotics from the vet. A urine sample, if you can collect one, would be very helpful. This is common in female puppies.
  • I totally agree with F.  What I did was place a 500 ml sour cream container under Myla when she peed first thing in the morning and brought that to the vet with me.  It was a UTI and she went on antibiotics for a week.  She was 12 weeks old and has never had it since and she is now 14 months old!  I also thought she was going backward in her training.  As soon as she started the antibiotics she never had an accident in the house again.

  • I agree with the others, sounds like a UTI to me. 

  • I would def take a urine sample to the vet in a clean vile. the vet might say that since it is not a 'clean' sample, meaning it is not sterile, they may not want to do a culture.  I would have them do a culture anyway. The vet attempted to get a sterile sample from Samantha (by sticking a needle into her bladder) but they couldn't get it. I asked him to a culture anyway and it turned out to be a staph infection. Knowing what the bacteria is makes the decision as to which antibiotic should be used.

    I would give her yogurt while she is on antibiotics. I also boil up craisins (not raisins) and chop up and put in her food. 

    I hope Sophie feels better real soon!!

  • I agree UTI ....

    • UTI - get a urine sample and use  a container right from the dishwasher without touching the inside or the lid inside and that will be close enough if not sterile for a culture.  it probably hurts to pee, too.  poor baby.  keep us posted 

  • Thank you everyone!  I appreciate all of the advice!!!!!

  • I have never had to collect urine and my doods are boys but a friend with girls uses a soup ladle to collect urine. It is the "pee spoon" as she calls it.
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