I took Mabel to the Vet Friday because during the week she was occasionally scratching which is unusual for her. She would scratch in this spot pictures above. I looked a few times and found that it wasn't red, there were no ticks or fleas, no stingers, NOTHING. A few hours later it was red, beefy and a little bloody from her claws I imagine. The vet said she may have been stung. She may have had a little cellulitis develop after getting her vaccines because this is typically the site in which they are administered. It could have been from the Frontline since it's close to the site where Frontline would be applied. The vet told me to give her Benedryl every 8 hours. He gave me an oral antibiotic which is to be given three times a day. That is a huge challenge because she already has a sensitive stomach. We don't feed her people food and the only way I can give her medicine is to hide it in people food. The vet also gave me a spray called GenOne Spray. When I spray it on the wound she flinches, trembles and quivers. I think it's very painful to her.I thought she wasn't going to bite me when I tried to clean it ( as recommended)  She is panting a lot which is not normal. They said to wait until Wednesday and if she wasn't better to call them back. I can't sleep and wish I could take her to the vet now. My husband is traveling for work and the closest animal hospital is an hour away. I have 4 little ones sleeping. I have NO idea why this is happening or what caused it. This happened out of the blue. It seems like the vet doesn't have any idea why either. The spot seems to be getting worse. (On Friday the spot was the size of a quarter). Tonight she didn't want to play.Does anyone have any ideas or know what this might be from experience? 7.6 hours till my vet opens.  :(

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  • Oh no! I'm so sorry I hve no idea. It looks like an open sore and puss. Is there an emergency vet that's open 24 hours near u?
  • we have one down in the city about an hour away. I would have to wake 4 kids to take them with me. It's 1 am here. I know she can wait until morning. She is breathing fine and I gave her Metacam. She almost bit me tonight tho when I took a soft gauze with water & dial soap to gently wash it as directed.  :( Totally out of character for her.

    • It must be quite painful. I'd just leave it alone for now til you get to the vet. Don't let the kids get near her or this area in the meantime.
  • It looks like some kind of abscess, or sinus tract or something. Very nasty anyway. I'd get her to the vet 1st thing tomorrow.
  • As F said, get her to the vet as soon as you can tomorrow. Hang in there.

  • Oh dear! Something Karen recommended to me was meat baby food as a vehicle for medicines- is there a protein that you're willing to give her?

    • Great idea!

  • Wow, this looks horrible. So sorry!

    Could you try a cool pack (frozen bag of peas works well) for 30 minutes every few hours? Make sure there is a thin towel between the bag and her skin. If you can, look for red streaks from the abscess away from it.  

    • I think it's best to just leave alone til tomorrow.
  • Oh.... I am so sorry this is happening to you and Mabel....She is panting a lot, probably because she is in pain... :-(

    I hope she feels better soon, and the cause is nothing major......

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