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This website boosts the 5 most useful Apps for Dogs

How do city-dwelling dog owners find a dog park that's outside of their own five-block radius? Anyone? Bueller? For New
York City dog folks, Hey Walkies! has made the search a lot easier. Creator Chad Jackson produced Hey Walkies! as part of the city's BigApps challenge, and with his interactive design firm, Jackson Laycock, and design partner Kettle, he's built a user-friendly app that's got great design as a bonus (uncommon in the pet app world, trust us).

Jackson tells that Hey Walkies! will expand to include other
cities in the near future, and that his team is also developing a mobile
web app accessible beyond the iPhone. Hey Walkies! has already
incorporated Facebook Connect, which allows dog owners to converse with
each other. "There's that persistent little rumor about New York, where
you can borrow a cute dog and go to a dog park and meet a guy or girl
and fall in love," he says. "It's a great way to meet people." Who knows
— Hey Walkies! might just be the gateway to meeting your soul mate.

Need a one-stop indicator of which city restaurants allow dogs and which local groomers do the best work
without ripping you off? Check out Fido Factor, an app that bills itself as the "Yelp for dogs." Still in its beta stage, Fido Factor features information about
San Francisco, Boston, New York and Portland. It's working out some
kinks — a recent search for N.Y.C.'s dog-friendly restaurants yielded
results on Boston's Newbury Street. (Free)

This one's for the animal lover who's always wanted in app
form. While it's not the most cutting-edge — functionality isn't the
sharpest and the design is a little dated — iPet Finder does
give a sense of the number of pets available in your area. Portions of
the proceeds go to the Cesar and Ilusion Milan Foundation. ($0.99)

Carrying around a dog's vitals just isn't a reasonable thing to expect of a pet
owner. Who can keep track of vet records and ID numbers, especially when
there's more than one animal in the house? YepYup's Pet Dossier
acts as a digital file cabinet of all your pets' records, and even has a
place for vet and groomer contact information. We promised useful,
right? Here you go. ($1.99)

The Dog Whistler is what you might call an iInstrument — you can adjust the frequency
and pitch of a whistle sound to call your dog. Initial tests in the labs didn't yield any positive results on an actual dog
(it may just be that she's particularly insubordinate), but as a free
app, it was still fun to try out. (Free)


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This shows how totally clueless I am about technology. I saw the title of this discussion and thought "Apps for dogs? Why would people be submitting adoption applications for dogs on Doodle Kisses?"
ROFL. Now that I've actually read the post, I have absolutely no idea what it means. You young people with your fancy gizmos! Excuse me while I go look for my crochet hook.
LOL OH I am so happy to be so young~ thank you Miss O.P.I trendy nail polish wearer.
I'll go change the title of this discussion so those of U who are not techy can skip this one............ Any other good PHONE APPS for dogs and dog lovers..... :)~~
Hey Karen, I'm with you on this one. My cell phone is the basic prepaid that does absolutely nothing fancy. It has a camera but I don't think it came with a cord to upload the photos. I gave up knitting because it was too hard on my arthritic fingers. LOL
I just love you Karen!! I actually chuckled load enough to wake both girls!!
I found out that with my new computer I can Skype (the computer has a webcam built in and with the program Skype you can see and talk to the person on the other end) with Marissa, no hugs but at least I can see her!
I know that I'm older than you Karen and I have Apps on my phone. I even have an obnoxious lady in it who tells me how to get where I'm going now that I've learned how to ask her. My son has a game he designed on my phone, as well as a bird id thing he translated from an IPhone App to an Android App. Get with the program. Use it or lose it. At least I hope this stuff keeps the neurons limber. Now Calla is keeping the rest of me limber--ha-- by demanding to go out for the nth time tonight. I think the girl has initial insomnia and needs a dog shrink!
I have no apps; no GPS, no Blackberry, no texting on my phone. I barely know how to work the remote controls for the TV. I write appointments down in a little book on my kitchen counter like my mother did and my grandmother before her. I definitely think I'm losing it...if I ever had it to begin with.
I am one of those who still longs for the simpler times when there were only 5 channels.
sounds like you are living the dream Karen, lol! We have (& are paying for) all these channels and there is still nothing to entertaining us. And we definately think you "have it" with your fancy nailpolishes, BTW, which color did you choose??
I decided I am not ready for fall colors. I chose a nice neutral plummy color called "Madison Mauvenue", lol.
But the salon owner was wearing that "Cuckoo" color and it was fabulous. Really.
I still write my appointments down. At least that way the battery is never dead and there is always another pen. And there aren't even 5 channels. There is nothing on and all those gazillion channels are just phonies. I have tried to change channels with my phone and tried to dial the phone with the TV remote. It's only a matter of time before I can control none of this technology so I use it while I can. I have no fewer than 5, possibly more, remote controls within arm's length of my bed. It does get ridiculous. All that and I have no good Apps for dogs.
ROFLMAO. I think we need our own reality show. A bunch of us with no clue in a super-high-tech house where you have to use some kind of device even to open the refrigerator or turn on the water. "Survival of the Technologically Challenged". Or maybe "Last Old Lady Standing."



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