Hi all!

I'm attempting to make a quilt and since I'm not super crafty I'm looking for any advice. I'm browsing right now for cute patterns that are good for beginners. I can do basic sewing but nothing super fancy so I would like something that is slightly above beginner status. Any one have any tips or cute patterns to share?

Thanks for the help guys!

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  • I have never tried it, but I do watch a couple of quilting shows on the PBS station on occasion. They make it look fun and sometimes easy. The 2 that I have watched are, Quilt in a Day and Fons and Porters. I keep telling myself I will try it one if these days.

    • I'm in a similar boat, I've always wanted to start doing one and I figure I've got to start sometime! So I bought a pack of coordinated fabric pieces that I like and now need to figure out how to put them together lol! It looks like it would be fun once I figure out what I'm doing.

  • If you have a local quilt shop they would have classes for beginners. Even JoAnne's (which are usually everywhere) might offer some.  That is how I learned. Also, books are available.   What is fun is making small dog quilts, I've made several and they are easy and you can get really creative and they are really useful!

    • I checked out Joann's and they have a beginner quilting class that I might sign up for. I think a class is probably a good idea for me because I learn best by watching someone do it so having a teacher there would be really helpful I think. 

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    • That's adorable!

    • Darling quilt Carol.  I just love it.

    • Really cute Carol!
    • so pretty! I will have to watch that video. I was thinking of signing up for a quilting 101 class at a fabric store by me. It seems like i would fit into the middle of the group because in the course description I know some of the things them will go over and then there's some other stuff that I need help on.

    • Fabulous! How clever. It reminds me of using rag scraps to tie around flip flops.

  • I too have quilted for quite awhile and I agree with Carol, a rag quilt is an easy place to start and lots of info on the internet. It's perfect for a beginner quilter who is not a .beginner sewer as you have to know what you're doing with wrong sides  together in this case, usually a 1/2" seam, clipping the material to make it raggy. Good luck and I bet you will get as addicted to quilting as you are to doodles. 

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