I know this question is probably asked a million times here! But I am just super curious about our girl. We're picking her up tomorrow, and I can't wait to watch how she grows and develops. I know in this picture she is still very young, but I'd like to get y'all's opinion on if you think she'll have furnishings or not or if it's just too early to tell! I've heard a lot about looking at the hair around the muzzle to determine coat type/furnishings, but I still just can't tell! She is an f1 goldendoodle, mother is a golden retriever and father is a standard poodle. She is about 5 weeks in these pics. Thanks!6240527297?profile=RESIZE_710x6240554274?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • She definitely has furnishings. Very cute.

    • Thank you so much!


  • Adorable. Yes to furnishings 

    • Thank you!

  • Hi! She is so adorable!! I am in the exact same position though our guy is a little older. We pick him up on 7/9. We just got updated pics and all I do I stare at him to see what he will look like. I can't tell what the upside down V looks like. 6357822268?profile=RESIZE_584x

    • Thank you! Yes, we're absolutely in love with our little girl!! Oh my goodness he is so cute!! I'm no expert, but it does look like he has a V forming! I know you can't wait to pick him up!

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