8379594254?profile=RESIZE_710xHolly is 8 weeks old.  She is an F1 Goldendoodle and definitely has a lot of retriever in her but I can see some of the wavy in her ears and chest.  She also has some of the wispy fur around her face.  Any thoughts on what her adult coat may look like?8379593866?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • She looks to be unfurnished/flat-coated to me.  I think *maybe* she will have some wispy bits but I doubt there will be much more and I can pretty much guarantee she will shed.   

    She is adorable and the good news is grooming should be a breeze :)  Enjoy her!  Our first doodle Luna was an unfurnished F1 mini goldendoodle and required very little coat maintenance.  

  • Holly is very pretty! What lovely waves!  Her coat looks to me like she will shed. Right now she looks like she might not have facial furnishings but you might need a few more weeks to get a better guess. 

  • It's very hard to say at this age. From the top photo, it does look like she may have some facial furnishings, but not in the bottom photo. I do think she will shed some. I would call her coat straight rather than flat, there is some length there. 

    • She has a little more length than baby Luna did.  You may be right, I don't think she'll be fully "doodled" out though.  Maybe a mostly unfurnished face with wispy bits and a slightly fluffier coat.  The "scruffy" look.

  • Thanks for the input!  It will be interesting to see her changes.  For now she will just keep melting our hearts!8381667456?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • That face!  She'll melt everyone's heart who meet her!  I really love her waves.  I think i also see some whisps on that muzzle, but I really don't know. 

  • I definitely see some facial furnishings. Not a lot- but they are there! The facial furnishings should come through over the next few months but could take up to a full year. I also think she will have a nice, thick, wavy coat that will (more than likely) shed some. I have two doodles that looked very similar as puppies! Holly is such a beautiful girl!

  • Holly is growing up!  She's 12.5 weeks now and 11'ish pounds.  Still unsure what's going to happen with that hair, starting to shed just a tad. 8544980854?profile=RESIZE_930x

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