• I have a quilted, hooded "jacket" for extra rainy days ... it was a bargain purchase from TJ Maxx.   It really does help to keep his head and back dry......the legs and underside still get wet....but it does help.    DH refuses to walk him in his "Little Red Riding Suit"....LOL.

  • Thanks for the feedback!   I'm thinking a either a cheapie one or a good one I can return if he really didn't like it. Picco will we wear a backpack without a problem but I wonder that the crinkly plastic sound might stress him. And they look so darn cute in them.

  • I bought this one, got it locally since I was able to have hands on prior to purchase - - it's not that stinky vinyl and is not awfully noisy (for a slicker it's quite soft)


     and now that I found it in other colors - and this one I liked

    I grabbed a cold weather one while I was at it.

    It's always interesting with the dogs reaction to the Velcro closures - they have to get used to that, but I've never had one tolerate the hood much.

    Meanwhile this one is in her travel bag that we keep in the car

  • Thanks Sally!  I was looking at that one on Amazon and wondering if a hood would be tolerated. It looks like it would give good coverage. The packable ones are adorable - I just want to get the paw print and at least get one cute photo out of it!

  • 3366501611?profile=originalPicco's new rain slicker! Doesn't look to sure about it but he's awfully cute. He put up with the photos, now have to test him...whenever it decides to rain.

    • Adorable!  Libby hates hers but I make her wear it if there is a torrential downpour.  Luckily she hates the rain more than the raincoat so on those occasions she makes like a camel and won't go out until it lightens up!

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