Murphy has recently been diagnosed with chronic lymphopasmacytic rhinitis.  It is extremely rare, and my vet has never treated a case prior to Murphy.  We did see an Internal Medicine Specialist who conducted his tests including a rhinoscopy and biopsy and prescribed several meds...but they did not help him.  He is struggling to breathe most days and his nose runs constantly which makes him crazy.  He has long, difficult episodes of reverse sneezing that scare him to death.  Over the weekend he had a really difficult time, and wasn't able to sleep at all on Saturday night.  When he's really bad he can't breathe out of his nose, and he can't sleep or put his head down because he is forced to pant and breathe out of his mouth.  After watching him gasping for breath Saturday night, I was pretty much thinking the time had come to euthanize him.  I talked to my vet on Sunday and she said she would reach out to the large Vet community countrywide and see if she could get advice.  She heard back from several vets who said that they had never been successful in treating this, but two did say they had positive results with three meds taken in combination.  The problem is that two of them are strongly contraindicated for dogs with IBD, and Murph is currently in remission from IBD.  The third med is an inhaled asthma med called Flovent ($425 per month).  So we put him on that starting last night, but are not going to introduce the other meds until he has another episode that is severe enough to consider euthanasia....thinking it's better than that alternative even if it triggers another IBD episode.  So right now his breathing is still labored, but not as bad as over the weekend.  We know there is no cure for this disease, but I'm trying to find anyone who may have had experience with it.  We've gotten Murph through so many illnesses with a great vet, but this one is feeling different because it's so rare and there's very little info out there on how to treat it.  I'm thinking maybe someone is this great Doodle community will have delt with it and can share their insights.

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  • Jane, this may not be any help, but I did find a clinical study for dogs with lymphoplasmacytic rhinitis that Murphy may qualify for; it involves the use of radiation:

    • It looks like you would have to go to TN to be part of this trial.  I would also be worried about all that anesthesia over five days with all of Murph's other problems.  It would be interesting to follow the results of that trial though, so thanks for sharing.  I will also share this with our Vet.

      • That's what I was thinking. I don't see any dates on that article, but if there is any data showing that radiation might help, I thought that could be worth looking into. 

  • Jane.....I have no info,  just wanted to say I am sorry to hear that Murphy is having such a hard time.

    Sending positive vibes and a big hug for Murphy.

  • I am so sorry.  You and Murph are such a team and he has overcome such challenges, this news is devastating. I send you and Murph hugs and hope that what time he has left is filled with love (as I know it will be).

    • Thanks, Nancy.  Leave it to Murphy to get something that is so rare that nobody seems to know how to treat it.  It's like watching a human with severe Asthma trying to breathe.  We can hear his wheezing in another room.  I will keep trying until I feel that he is just suffering too much.


      • Murph blazed all kinds of trails and push all kinds of limits, so of course, he needs to continue doing that. 

        Jane, I know you will know the 'when' so enjoy your time. Give Guinness a special hug from us.  I always equate Ned and Guiness as 'brothers from another mother' and Ned is having some issues to deal with right now too so he needs a Guinness hug.

        • Awww...sorry to hear that about Ned.  I'm so thankful for Guinness...he's healthy and smart and so easy.


  • Oh my.  I am so sorry to hear this.  Sending you and Murph positive energy from the East coast!


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