Our Shelter is getting a load of puppies transferred from Houston. We're signed up to foster. But I'm hugely afraid of things like worms and giardia. Anything going around in Houston I should know about? Is giardia common? Should I just NOT even consider it?

(No idea what breed of dog these will be). But they will only need about a week of fostering as they await neuters/spays and recovery.  

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  • I always thought they were checked by a vet and put on any needed meds before placing them with a foster. But I guess if there is no brick and mortar shelter to place them during that time, they would have to go directly to foster. Those things scare me as well, plus a flea infestation. Maybe the hurricane last year could have caused some infestations and parasites. Good idea to check it out. 

    • You're not reassuring me...haha!  I want to help and I also do NOT want parasites or fleas.  It's not like I'm going to keep them in separate yards from my dogs.  

  • One hopes that the shelter is going to do some preliminary vetting before placing them in foster care, and treating for parasites is usually routine. Your best bet is to check with your shelter and ask what vetting is done before they go to foster care. 
    When I take fosters, even from private homes, I always take them directly to my vet for a fecal and flea/tick preventative before I bring them into my home. If you're a registered foster for a 501c3, you can deduct the cost as a charitable donation on your taxes. 

    • They'll be vaccinated but waiting to hear back about vetting, deworming, flea meds. I want to foster so bad, but I don't want 1 fun week with a puppy to lead to a flea infestation or giardia for my doggies.

  • But giardia?  Who checks for that with a foster?  

    • I’d assume the puppy has giardia. It seems like every dog we have vetted when we pull them has it. Many don’t have symptoms. I’s drop a fecal at the vet immediately. We’ve been lucky in that it has never spread to the other dogs. 

    • My first doodle foster had raging giardia, and he was here for several days before it was diagnosed, so I wasn't doing the proper disinfecting. JD never got it. But then, JD was not a dog who ate things he shouldn't.

      But since then, as I mentioned, I take fosters to my vet immediately, before I even bring them into my house. Most rescues and shelters will reimburse your expenses, but if not, you can take a tax deduction. And a fecal + some Panacur is not usually a big expense.

      • The shelter has a vet and they don't reimburse for taking dogs elsewhere.  But I decided I'm going to pass this time.  I don't think they will want to do special fecals + Panacur just for me every time.  We've got family visiting the next day and I don't think Rosco needs new "excitement" in his life right now.  

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