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As I'm writing this both of my Doodles are lying at my side staring at me.  Murphy keeps trying to put his paw on my foot which I try not to allow partly because he's a pushy guy and the trainers tell me this is a sign of "possessiveness" but mostly because I'm barefoot and he scratches me.  The boys try really hard not to let me out of their sight and there is always a competition between them for who can get the closest to "Mom".  It started me thinking about the fact that it was never like this with my other dogs.  I've had all kinds over the Irish Setter, a Lab, a Golden Retriever, and a Dalmatian.  They were all awesome (except the Irish Setter which is another story), but they never were anywhere near as affectionate as the Doods.  Sometimes I wonder if it was because I was working then and didn't have as much time for them as I do for my Doodles.  I really wonder if it's just something that's really special about Doodles as a whole or is it just that I have two "Mama's boys".  There is no right or wrong answer to this, but I'd love to know your experience and your thoughts.  It's time for a fun, happy, "Doodle Loving" discussion.

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This is a very fun thread, Jane. I am so glad you posted it.

I'm still trying to figure this out myself!  My husband insists it's affection and I tell myself it's neediness but have my doubts.  I've had dogs (non-doodles) before, he hasn't.  But Picco loves being petted, hugs back and needs attention more than any dogs I had before.  I'll say he is VERY comfortable in that he knows he will be taken care of!  Seems to have no reason to wander away, doesn't eat like he'll never see food again. Just has the attitude that it's all good and will always be.

When my husband hugs me or rough-houses a little Picco come running like he's trying to protect me but it seems he just wants to be part of what's going on!  I'm not one to anthropomorphize animals unless I'm joking around but Picco has me thinking differently. 

Yup....they have a way of doing that.

Annabelle wasn't a very affectionate puppy. She could take the petting or leave it, mostly leave it though. Wanted nothing to do with my lap while watching tv. Now that she is 2, she has made up for lost time and is very affectionate. If I am at the computer, laying at my feet is not good enough, she will jump up on my lap, curl in a little ball and stay there. I know dogs don't like to hug, but someone forgot to tell Annabelle. She tries to worm her way under my arm so I will hug her. Then once I do, all the licking my face starts. If I stop she does it again, until she good to go for a few hours. She still comes back for petting or belly rub, just not a full out hug. Whatever you want to call it, we both love it, so it has to be a good thing for us. I have only had one other puppy and I had 3 kids 5yrs and under at the time he came into our life, so maybe there wasn't much of a chance for him to be a mama's dog. He got a lot of petting and played with, but didn't seem to need it like Annabelle does. He was a mini schnauzer. My rescue GR was all fun and play. The only affection he showed was to my daughters cat.

Annabelle sounds so sweet....I love that she keeps coming back for a "face licking fix".

Darwin goes through phases of being affectionate but not overly "velcro", to being near my feet at all times. He's the first dog I've owned as an adult so I don't have too much to compare it to, but people always remark on his above-average affectionate nature. I always assumed it was a Golden Retriever trait...

I wonder about their "moods" Guinness is like that too.  Sometimes he's clingy and other times he just wants to do his own thing.  Murph is much less moody....he always wants to be wherever I am.

That's cute...when Skadi acts like Guinness, and is exhibiting her sweet side I say that's the golden retriever side...and when she is acting stubborn, independent, and aloof, I say oh ya, it's the Poodle coming out.

Toby is mostly a velcro dog, although likes his space when he is tired, and when he is feeling feisty and wants to be off on his own, it usually means he is up to no good....but any other time he has to be right at my feet...

I know when Guinness is "missing" somewhere in the house he's getting into trouble too!

So I've read all about everyone's wonderful doodles!  I have to chuckle when I'm reading behaviors that my girls exhibit.  Skadi, we have had since she was 3 months old, was completely NON-cuddly...until she turned 2 or so.  Since then she remains rather independent, only jumps in bed in the morning for her all over massage.  She will kiss my husband, but not me!  Every once in awhile she will lick my hand, arm, leg...but very very rarely will kiss me like she does my husband.  Could that be because we got her from my husband's grown son who had her for one month before we took her in?  Maybe she identifies with the smell & taste?  Skadi would come "unglued" when his grown son would come to visit.  She finally outgrew that "disloyal" (LOL) behavior around 4 years old, perhaps because his visits were maybe once a year... but still is very happy to see him (His son lives in another state...when we go to visit we leave the dogs home). Skadi, like many of the sweet doodles in this thread, likes to be in the same room...not all the time...just when she wants.  She does NOT like hugs...nothing over the head.  She sits with her back to me for back scratches.  This past year, she has started crying in the evening so I finally will have to stop what I'm doing to give a love session.  I had beagles when I was in my twenties, but was raising babies of my own.  So now, 45 years later ...this has been a great experience ...I'm convinced doodles have the best love to give humans.

Oh I LOVE this cartoon! 



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