As I'm writing this both of my Doodles are lying at my side staring at me.  Murphy keeps trying to put his paw on my foot which I try not to allow partly because he's a pushy guy and the trainers tell me this is a sign of "possessiveness" but mostly because I'm barefoot and he scratches me.  The boys try really hard not to let me out of their sight and there is always a competition between them for who can get the closest to "Mom".  It started me thinking about the fact that it was never like this with my other dogs.  I've had all kinds over the Irish Setter, a Lab, a Golden Retriever, and a Dalmatian.  They were all awesome (except the Irish Setter which is another story), but they never were anywhere near as affectionate as the Doods.  Sometimes I wonder if it was because I was working then and didn't have as much time for them as I do for my Doodles.  I really wonder if it's just something that's really special about Doodles as a whole or is it just that I have two "Mama's boys".  There is no right or wrong answer to this, but I'd love to know your experience and your thoughts.  It's time for a fun, happy, "Doodle Loving" discussion.

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  • Vern is so needy. I swear he wants me to hold his paw every minute of the day. I would love to be able to go to the bathroom without him staring into my eyes :) He is just so lovable that I really could hug him all day. LOL Fudge just wants to be in the same room that I am in and loves to be rubbed.  She doesn't like to go to bed until I am settled. I use Fudge as my worry stone....I pull her to me and cuddle and she just lets me do it. I sleep better when she is close, so maybe I am the needy one? Our two Labs were both very affectionate and wanted to be wherever I happened to be. I don't think they got the best of me and maybe that is the difference. I had kids and a job and so much less time to give. I sometimes feel very badly about that, because Fudge and Vern are so spoiled and such a huge part of my life.

    • Vern reminds me so much of Murphy (minus the reactiveness).  Got to love a big, goofy Doodle.

  • We love Finn but we actually think he can be quite aloof!!  When we come down in the morning we are lucky to get a tail wag while he looks at me from his bed acting like a teenager who does not want to get up yet!!.  Sometimes he will come for a quick greeting but then goes off to lay down.  He is initially excited to greet new people and then settles down.  Of course when we are cooking he is right under our feet in the kitchen, spread out on the floor!!. We do love the fact that he  is easy going and not too much rattles him!  And he will let you pet him, rub his belly and tolerates kids in his face- he's just not overly clingy! Oh and he talks to us - taking turns back and forth!!   Very different from our previous golden retriever/lab who was constantly nudging to get attention and laying right next to me in the evening. Love them both and their unique personalities!

    • That's pretty interesting.  Our Golden was a real sweet and gentle boy, but nowhere near as affection as our Doodles.  Maybe it's just an individual "dog personality" and not even related to being a Doodle.

  • So in the interest of full disclosure, Jake is only 7 months old.

    He is not really very needy in terms of snuggling. He could also sleep in bed with us and he doesn't, he sleeps on the floor or the dog bed. He doesn't snuggle much at all, but he follows us around the house and doesn't want you out of his site... Unless he is being naughty... Then all bets are off.

    My only other dog was a Bichon, poodle mix and she was very cuddly, and always wanted to be in laps and on furniture.
  • Jackdoodle is not really physically affectionate. He's never been a touchy-feely dog, and is often content to be lying on my bed while I'm in the office or the kitchen. The exception is when we're at the vet or physical therapy; then he needs me to be right there, lol. He wouldn't dream of sleeping anywhere other than my bedroom, but rarely on the bed with me, and never touching me. I try very hard not to let this hurt my feelings, lol. I'd say he's the least affectionate dog I've ever had, although I do think he is "needy" in some ways they weren't.  Past dogs were all purebred Poodles and one Schnoodle, and all were more physically affectionate than JD. 

    • Sometimes I wonder if Jack is so "tough" and independent because he learned he had to be in his life "pre Karen". 

  • I really think being home or not, makes a difference in 'neediness.'  When you have to leave to go to work every day, you expect to leave the dog alone and I think that expectation  helps the dog accept being left.  That being said, I think doodles are definitely people-oriented as a group (can't say breed). 

    Ned is quite independent.  He doesn't need to be in the same room, sleeps on the bed, off the bed, at the foot of the stairs i.e. wherever  he wants and he moves during the night.  Ned enjoys being petted and loves to be in the middle of things, but does not stay around long.  When we go to dog parks, Ned is usually my shadow and when he is afraid, I am definitely his 'rock.'

    When Clancy came to live with us, he was very insecure and needy.  He would nose or paw us to get petted - that took a while to extinguish. He argued with our Springer over us and over high value toys - that lasted a while.  He has never slept on our bed. He will jump up in the morning for a cuddle. He will lay on it when we aren't around - nests in the pillows. He loves to lay at the side of the couch so my dh can pet him while watching He now chooses to be in the room with us - or not as he has become a very confident fellow.

    Charlie - we have only had him since June - is a HUGE snuggle bug.  He enjoys laying beside or on you or at your feet.  He demands attention - not from neediness (way different from Clancy), but because he enjoys it and it is like he wants to give ME a cuddle. He puts his paw on my arm or foot - like he is just touching bases and needs - or thinks I need a touch of love. He hugs my arm.  He is a total back sleeper and has taken over the bed at night and sleeps so soundly that he has actually fallen off a couple of times. I woke up this morning sharing my pillow and his paw was resting on my head.

    • So they're all a little different....but I think you're right about it making a difference that we're home.  With my other dogs I was so busy that there wasn't always a lot of cuddle time.

  • It depends on the time of day.  Gavin is super snuggly in the morning.  He comes to us and sits up nice and straight with his back to us to be pet.  Same deal at night, except instead of sitting up he lies on our feet.  During the day he keeps us in eyesight but does not need to be on top of us.  When Mylie doodle stays, she is very needy.  It drives me a little crazy lol.

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