Are you all homebound too?

Since everyone I know seems to be stuck at home I thought it might be fun to talk about what we are doing to keep ourselves and our doodles occupied during this challenging time. I would also love to get some new ideas about what to do with both myself and the dogs. 

So far I have: 

Pooper scooper'd the yard better than ever before.

Played scent work outside with the dogs

Combed and brushed all the dogs

Downloaded a season of a mindless guilty pleasure TV show from Amazon

Ordered a 5D gem by number art thing from Amazon. 

Eaten everything

Driven through the automatic car wash a couple times.

Continued to procrastinate on laundry.

And I'm a homebody! I like to stay home. It's just the psychological effect of knowing that I *have* to stay home that's hard. Just like when you think of all the things you need to go do when there's a snow day. I can't imagine how all of the extroverts are taking this. I think the unknown duration also makes it challenging. First we are going to "socially distance" ourselves for a couple weeks. Now my state has canceled all classes through the end of this school year! I just got notification that my Scent Work trial at the end of April has been postponed until the end of June. Don't get me wrong, I know this is important. But I also think it's okay to feel disappointed about the things that we're missing, and worried about some of the fall out.

Let's keep one another company!

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  • Hospital update. So, they're saying this virus affects adults more severly than kids, as opposed to some viral infections like RSV that are harder on the young than adults. And I work with kids, so I can only tell you what I saw this weekend. Our census is down. Way way down. Lower than Christmas down. It's really strange. I've never seen anything like it. 

    My goal for this week is to stay off social media and stop reading news that scares me. Also to stop shopping online and stop eating everything. I can watch any trash tv that holds my attention, but I need to stop freaking myself out. It doesn't help. I shouldn't need to buy dog food until July. We've got this. 

    • A couple evenings of news, followed by internet updates caused me bad sleep & high anxity too.  Spent weekend outdoors, made quiche, roasted a duck- felt better.  Did quick update last niight just on local alerts and found out we got our 1st case on so. Utah, next county over.  Arrrrgg

      • It's funny. I actually felt better at work than at home in front of google news. While reading the news it feels like the sky is falling. Being at the hospital feels like business as usual. I know we need updates, but I do think that at a certain point all of the news isn't helpful. At least not helpful in that there isn't anything we can do about it. I'm going to do my part and stay home with the puppies and hope that we get a handle on it soon.

        • Well I start working from home tomorrow.  Just cleaned off my home office desk so I can move my office computer in.  Packing it up in the morning.  We've just had our first cases of COVID 19 hit town.  I used to work from home in the past for a couple different employers so I'm not stranger to it.  Picco is going to be so happy.  When I'm at work he still lays in my office during the day sometimes.

          • Enjoy your time at home - as long as you aren't ill, it's a pretty nice break for those of you who normally are gone.


    • I am so wishing the weather was a little better.  Our yard is so so muddy and we just want to get outside!  Now, my daughter pulled my littlest grandson (4) from daycare and he will be staying with us during the stay home order.  Her daycare provider was not taking things seriously enough.  I agree with the decision but now will have a 5 month old doodle, a 4 yr old and a 12 yr old that is supposed to be remote schooling.  Please let the sun come out soon.  


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