Before Skadi turned 2, she was limping and shortly after we had to have her cruciate ligament repaired.  They told me at that time she already had arthritis in that stifle.  Vet recommended glucosamine/chondritin supplements, which she has been on 6 years now.  She's turning 8 this month and lately, she has started favoring that leg again and refusing long walks and would rather lay around all day.  I had the Vet check the stifle out and she said through manipulating the site she thought it was good, did not feel like there was inflammation.  Of course encourage her to stay active, try to keep her weight down and not do any stressful activity. I was thinking of adding another supplement like tumeric.  The vet's office does not recommend any over the counter, tylenol, NSAIDS, aspirin.  2 procedures available:  Cold laser treatments or chiropractic manipulation.  Anyone have experience with these?  Any other feedback, experiences, recommendations are appreciated.  Thank-you3364238001?profile=original

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  • Skadi is so beautiful!!! I am following this thread just because Kona is very slow in getting up and down at age 11. I have no good ideas for you and am selfishly hoping to get some from your post. Best of health to your pretty girl.

    •'s so hard to watch them age.  Getting "old-er" is hard enough without all the aches and pains!

  • Jackdoodle had cold laser therapy done regularly (every week or two) for more than 5 years, for pain and inflammation from a herniated lumber disc with nerve compression, and osteoarthritis. I can't swear that it helped, but he did remain mobile til the day he died. There is no downside to it from what I've found, other than cost. And it is something you have to continue doing over the long term.

    He also had chiropractic and acupuncture (administered by his holistic veterinarian) over that same 5 year period, and again I can't swaer that it helped. But considering that those were the only treatments he got after the diagnosis, and his pain level and mobility improved greatly and stayed there, I have to believe that all of it together did help.

    One warning: Do not allow anyone other than a DVM to do chiropractic on your dog; done incorrectly, it can cause much worse problems than you started with. You can find a vet certified in canine chiropractic thru this organization:

    • Thanks Karen.  I might try the cold laser, sounds like they might help.  She does fairly well right now, but she's still pretty young being only 8 years.  My vet is a DVM.  I know this will be costly...guess my human kids will have to take less for their inheritance...I'm sure they will understand...HA!  Hope your new puppy is doing well.

  • I wonder if Rhymadil (spelling) is not prescribed for Skadi because she is only 8. It has helped to of my previous dogs stay active with less pain for several years. I think they were over ten years old when they started it though. I think the cold laser therapy is worth trying. Hope something helps.
    • Rimadyl ( :D) has major side effects, not the least of which is a risk of gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers. JD couldn;t take it for that reason. He did start taking Tramadol during the last year or two of his life; tramadol works on pain but not inflammation.

      I believe vets are less inclined to give Rimadyl these days because of the side effects. I notice more and more young ones being given Tramadol rather than Rimadyl for pain after surgical procedures.

  • Both Sassparilla and her cousin (a golden) have arthritis and yesterday at Sassy's evaluation for physical therapy for her torn shoulder tendon the PT Vet spoke very favorably with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and shockwave when dealing with arthritis? Is shockwave the same as laser therapy?  I guess I will have to ask more questions tomorrow.  The surgeon for Sassy continuously describes her shoulder area as "global" arthritis, not sure what the global means but is doesn't sound good?  My sisters golden is going through a very painful tail and first thought was he was hit by a car (even though there's only a few vehicles on the island) but two separate vets both insist its strictly severe arthritis?  He was fine swimming, running and playing the day she left to come see mom before she passed away to getting a call a week later and rushing home because he's immobile?  Can arthritis hit that fast or are her concerns something else happened to aggravate it possible?  He loves to swim could he had just overdone it and the timing was there?

    She's on an island with absolutely no services so chiropractic and laser therapy would be extremely difficult especially trying to get off island during the winter months or high storm season (no ferry service to her island).  What other options are there and what pain meds would you recommend?

    • Shock wave is very different from cold laser therapy. It involves sound waves, not laser, and the dog must be sedated. Cold laser is just a laser beam directed at the area, no sedation needed. It's also much less expensive.

  • That's a good question! HA.  I never heard of it until I called my Vet the other day.  Actually it was the "front" desk that let me know about this procedure.  Funny when I take the girls for check ups and I had the Vet examine her stifle, she did not mention any procedures.  I have Skadi up at the lake for a few days and am getting her to do some "water walking"...and a little swimming...she's not a big fan of swimming, but today she jumped right in! I thought maybe I could get some cute pictures of her first...but she had other plans...looks kinda like the lochness...3367754560?profile=original

    • Love this photo! She looks so zen.

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