Does anyone here have experience with artificial sod in their dog's potty area?

After we got our pool our "dog" area is much smaller (L shaped area with each "wing" of the L maybe 15x10).  The dogs really destroy the grass there (mostly due to pee burn) so we have been trying to grow clover with mixed success.  DH is fed up and wants to put artificial turf (the "grassy" type that looks a bit more natural) but I really want to keep plants growing there, both just because I like it better and for the bees.  I also think with the dogs doing their business there the artificial stuff would need a lot of regular cleaning to stay looking nice.

Any thoughts on this?

DH says we can give the clover a try for a few more years but if I know him as well as I think I do he'll push for the turf next Summer...


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      • Thanks for the product recommendation for the Angry Orange!  One of our neighbors used a similar product at their old place I wonder if it's the same one.  

        Our weather is crazy, 100+F in the Summer and down to -40F in the winter.   We keep our front lawn alive with watering during hot spells but not the back since the dogs just rip it up anyway.  

        I am devising a plan where DH will get his turf but I'll try to counter-balance it with some new planters to keep a bit of green.  We will see :p 

      • That looks really great!  

    • Honestly even our grass smells of urine when it's hot in the Summer so that wouldn't be a dealbreaker here (unless it's somehow worse!).

      No way to cover it with a sun shade but there's a fence on one side and shed on the other so that area isn't too sunny.  

      DH is now 100% convinced about getting turf next year he is tired of Toby's antics and the amount of mud the dogs keep tracking into the house.

      • The nice thing about the turf is you can plant trees or rose bushes etc and lay the turf around them so it's not just flat and plain.  Easy to place pots and planters on top of it too!  I want to see pics when it's done :)



        • Will do!  This is a pic of half of the "L" a few months ago, it's not a very big space but there is some potential for a bit of greenery on the edges of the turf, you're right planters/pots on top afterwards is probably the easiest.  It extends about that far to the right as well before the stairs up to the deck.    The area where I'm taking the pic from is another back door with steps so that will just stay as little stones for now, that would be a good spot for some bigger planters if we have a mini deck installed sometime in the future.

          As you can see the clover is trying its best but it's quite patchy and it looks far worse in the Fall/Spring.


  • Our dog run area  had artificial turf for 20+ years.  I would never give it up. In fact I did not.  When we moved we fenced off a small dog run area and put it in again!! If you get rain with some frequency ( in So Ca we have a long dry period) very little effort is necessary to keep it pristine.  In summers I hose it down about twice a month.  in previous house we had a pool and did only a small fenced "dog area" in artificial turf, but I have seen even front yards down in artificial turf that look incredibly good.  We went with a small area because of cost. In our current house there is free access to dog run from the rest of the yard and dogs were easily trained to use dog area only.  I am totally a plant person but small areas and dogs are not good plant places.  Try artificial turf you will never be sorry.


    • Thanks!  My brother lives in the Bay area in Cali and he also recently got artificial turf and loves it, no dogs though he just got tired of trying to keep the grass alive haha.

      We often get dry spells of weeks at a time so we'd have to do the hosing down for sure.  

      We'll have to give it some more thought in terms of design (Whether we want a path or stepping stones like we have now etc.) but I am warming up to it.

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