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As many of you know my due date is fast approaching...really I could go any time. So...because once little Wiggle Worm arrives I'll be a little bit occupied ;-) I would like to ask ALL MEMBERS to please ask their HOW TO questions here in the forum. Or ask them in a group forum if it pertains to a particular group. Or ask another member privately...whatever floats your boat =)

I really like being able to help in a jiffy, but coming up SOON, if you ask me you may not get a response in a timely manner. Plus sometimes multiple members have the same question but are too shy to ask--if you ask in the forum you will help others learn too! Also DON'T FORGET WE HAVE A LOT OF ANSWERS ALREADY in our Frequently Asked Questions page--don't forget to visit that page's under the tab labeled EXTRA! at the top of any DK page. Here is a direct link:

Now, in the event of a true emergency (which are FEW) or a technical glitch where you can't find any answers or you can't even log in...I need you to fill out a "Report an Issue" form -- you can find this by going to the front page of DK and going to the VERY BOTTOM orange bar and clicking on "Report an Issue." I will be keeping tabs on the reported issues and if it can be fixed it will be, but I may not necessarily respond to all of those either because most of the time: 1) A lot of glitches are transient and go away on their own, 2) Sometimes it's a deeper issue that the system techies are already working to fix or will be doing so shortly.

I'll still be checking can I stay away, but may not have available hands and fingers available for a whole lot of typing =)

Finally, because I want to be sure members are reading this notice, please respond with a "read it" in this discussion so it stays visible for a while. Thanks so much!

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read it :O)
Read it. good luck
I'm to excited to read!!! :)

Ok, read it@
read it! Congratulations and best wishes with the baby!
Read it. Good Luck.
Read it - and best of luck with your new family member!
congrats and good wishes.
Read it!
read it
Read it
read it
All done and good luck with your new puppy... oops I mean baby! LOL
read it



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