This is my new pup who is 10 weeks old weighing 8lbs. Poor baby, he had a parasite in his tummy with diarrehia for 4 days (we have been on medicine for 3 days) & currently trying to gain some weight back - any help is appreciated! 


Purebred lab (dad) 

F2 goldendoodle (mom) 

10998804489?profile=RESIZE_710xAm curious if anyone has a little puppy similar and what they look like now? I understand it could be far fetch, but I like to play around with it in my head! 
He has little waves to his hair but you can't tell unless one falls out. His coat is very fuzzy too! 

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  • I may be wrong but at this point I think your darling puppy has what is called a flat coat which means he'll look much like a miniature lab.  He will probably shed. 

  • Cute!  Definitely looks like a flat coated doodle, he is 3/4 unfurnished dog after all.  

    He may have a bit of "scruff" but I definitely wouldn't expect a full coat and I would bet money that he will shed heavily.

    • I agree. He is 3/4 Retriever, and is likely going to look pretty much like a Lab. He is definitely unfurnished and flat coated. He is definitely going to shed.
      The tummy condition is giardia. It is very important that you give a good probiotic any time a puppy is on metronidazole (flagyl), which is likely the meds he is taking. Possbily it is Panacur, which is a better choice, but either way, he needs a probiotic like Proviable (It can be ordered from It must be given at least 2 hours apart from the meds, and longer is better. You will need to continue it for at least two weeks after the meds are discontinued.  

  • IF you didn't tell me what he was I would guess labrador retriever with the wrong color nose/points (just because in labs they are supposed to be black).  Cute pup, but will 100% shed and look very lab-like--it's possible he'll have a few wisps, but not much.  


    • His eyes and points would be correct for a chocolate lab, though. Somebody in his background is likely brown. 


  • He truly has beautiful coloring and body conformation. 

  • Here are the parents! 11000167471?profile=RESIZE_930x11000168276?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • He looks much like his lab dad. He'll most likely be smaller. 

    • He got the recessive liver markings (nose, lips) that both carried (even though they didn't have the coloring) and he got the lab-like hair they both carried (but only one had in appearance).  Kind of an odd breeding, was it an accidental breeding.  Both dogs are lovely, but this is not a combo that stands much chance of creating a "doodley" looking dog that doesn't shed.

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