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So our almost 11month old pupp has earned some freedom. We occasionaly let him roam the house (all bedroom doors closed) for 1-3 hours when I have to run errands. Any other time besides that (if were working or going to be away a couple of hours) when we leave the house and at night he's back in the crate. The only problem now is that any time I put him in the crate during the day he will stay barking for a few minutes and its driving me crazy because he's never done this before.

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Have you tried letting him just sleep in your bedroom, not crated? 

No we have carpet and he gets hot so he prefers the tile and to top it off we have 3 small kids who leave stuff everywhere and he will pick up any sock or toy he finds

So you can't close your bedroom door? 

I can, but I like it open because sometimes one of the kids will wake up at night I guess my real question is if we give him more freedom will it eventually make him forget his crate training if that makes any sense? I know not everyone is for it, but it works for us and I'd like to use it occasionally as they use it if he gets boarded or when he goes and gets groomed.

Here's my experience with Jasper, who is almost 9 months old. He's only ever crated when I'm not home, and since I'm retired, that's never more than 3 hours at a time. He has the run of my bedroom at night, and the run of the house any other time that I'm home, which is the vast majority of the time. I have no problem crating him when I leave the house. I make sure he has a couple of chews and a couple of toys in there, and I leave the TV on, tuned to kids' shows with lots of singing, lol. 
Jasper is the only dog I've had who didn't have full free-range of the house when left alone by the age of 6 months. If I lived alone, he would have, but my teenage grandson lives with me, has an erratic schedule (in and out a lot) and he is not good about closing bedroom and bathroom doors or not leaving junk food around. 

I might have to try chews and kongs again since he has them all over the living room he's mainly in (he's a window watcher) I forget to put them back in his crate I've never thought about leaving the tv on for him either he might like it since he's use to all the noise. And the kids leave snacks everywhere too yesterday he went into the restroom and grabbed the cookie they had left in the trash and let's not even get started about how many baby socks he's eaten thankfully they've all come out lol and doesn't have access to the baby's room or laundry baskets anymore.



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