Has anyone used, or does any have any familiarity with, Baxter and Bella training?

It's an online program my breeder is endorsing, and a quick google search doesn't yield many reviews but it DOES show a lot of doodle breeders' websites pushing the B&B training program (along with everyone having custom coupon codes).

Do we think this is the Life's Abundance of training?

I fully plan on bringing my puppy to play groups and training classes through a local, highly recommended trainer. Having an online option in my back pocket doesn't seem like the worst idea given the state of Covid, but I also know there are an abundance of quality training resources on YouTube.

Eager for anyone's thoughts/experiences with B&B! Thanks!

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  • Yeah, it looks pretty much like a Life's Abundance version of dog training. Breeders get compensated for every person who signs up using the breeder's code. 
    For me, choosing a dog trainer or training class is about what the trainer(s) have done with their own dogs. Show me the titles. The proof is in the pudding. As you've said, there is an abundance of quality online training available, with no strings attached, and no third party standing to make money from you signing up. 
    A recommendation for any product or service that comes from a person who stands to benefit financially from your purchase is not worth anything. Talk to friends, neighbors, and others you know who have had success with a puppy training program. 
    Training a doodle puppy is no different from training any other kind of puppy. Good training is not breed specific, although it should be tailored to the individual dog, regardless of breed. 

    • Absolutely agreed! I've done quite a bit of research and talking with local dog owners to determine the in-person training program I feel will be best. In my mind, nothing beats that in-person learning, interaction and socialization.

      With B&B, it's less that I thought they were specially attuned to training doodles. More that I felt this program was targeting doodle breeders with this new scheme. I'm curious to see if LA and B&B will be the big new recos from doodle breeders going forward because they become part of these pyramid programs. It's quite disheartening!

      • L.A. and Nu-vet vitamins have been standard for many doodle breeders for a long long time. We had a big discussion about L.A. in the Food Group more than 10 years ago. 
        It's sad that now training is also part of that.

  • I haven't heard of this one. But I have heard many many good things about Fenzi Dog Sports. It's also an online training program. They do a lot of higher level performance training, but I see they have a puppy class too. I might look into that myself for my puppy. I will take an in person puppy class too, but I think that puppy stage is so critical. It's good to get new ideas about things you can do to condition your pup to live in the world. 

  • I have heard good reviews from puppy owners who have signed up under their breeders (in other groups on FB).  So my guess is it is a 'nice'  program like many other positive training program.  I am less bothered by a training program that uses this type of marketing than "health" things like food and supplements.  Maybe that's because WE have sold training programs via DK in the past.  

    Personally, I'm with Karen in that I *want* a trainer that has titled their dogs in obedience.  Not just someone who can get behaviors out of a dog.  I see so many training facilities that have 15 different classes that could be taken care of with 3 SOLID obedience focused classes.  I get why.  Not everyone cares about having a "heel" and they just don't want to be pulled down the street.  Not everyone wants to compete in obedience and some people don't even care about reliability with their dog's obedience...just not-so-misbehaved.  I have my own bias in that A LOT of these bad behaviors can be fixed WITH a focus on really great obedience plus you get really great obedience out of it.  

    But I don't think breeder's selling a program for commissions is inherently problematic.  Though I would want to see that the breeders themselves have used it and can demonstrate something with their dogs because of it ;-) 

    (Is it just "puppy training" or do they go beyond it?)

    • This makes me feel better! I think I'm still going to go forward with my plan to to do in-person classes augmented with Kikopup and whatnot on YouTube. But good to hear a positive about B&B!

      Admittedly, any time a third party stands to make money off the back of me signing up for something, I immediately become suspicious. It's the that this is certainly not as egregious as health based pyramid schemes (food, vitamins). 

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