• Doodle Kisses has no control over the ads that pop up. Ignore them. Ignore ALL advertising for puppies that pops up anywhere, it is all scams. Legitimate reputable breeders don't do that; they don't have to. 
    Breeder recommendations, referrals, and/or reviews are not permitted here. People can send you a private message if you accept a friend request, BUT referrals from strangers don't really mean much, and are not a good way to choose a breeder. THIS is a better way:
    Use that as a guideline and checklist to evaluate any breeder, and run from anyone who can't meet those standards. 
    Including the one that popped up in the ad, lol. Definitely not a reputable breeder. 
    I would also advise you to think long and hard about why you want a particular mix. Educate yourself about the parent breeds. Do you know much about Bernese Mtn Dogs? How about Poodles? The info on breeder websites is marketing, and often untrue, so you need to learn about the breeds with independent research. What about the combination of those two breeds makes you want a puppy who is a mix of them? If cuteness or coloring is your answer, do a LOT of research, lol. And while we are on the subject of coloring, be aware that merle is not a naturally occurring color in either Poodles or BMDs, so if you see merle bernedoodle puppies, there is Australian Shepherd in there too, no matter what the breeder says. 
    Being extremely cautious is a good thing when it comes to buying a puppy. 

    Finding a Breeder
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    • Thank you so much for this valuable information! We have done quite a bit of research about the Bernadoodle and have wanted one for years, but I suppose we will find the right breeder when the universe allows :) 

      • If you find a breeder that you THINK might be a good one, send me a link.  I can find red flags that most people would not be able to see.  It is HARD to find a good doodle breeder, that's why so many people end up buying from a BYB or get scammed.  They have no idea what the qualities of good breeding are to begin with.  

        You might also find the podcast I did on this topic helpful.  I wax on a bit more about each detail:

        • Thank you so much! I am looking forward to watching the podcast :)

      • In my experience it is HARD to find reputable bernedoodle breeders.  We had to compromise on a couple things with Riley (F1 standard bernedoodle).  I am leaning towards a purebred for our next dog because of this.

        A few things to think about:

        - Bernese are BIG dogs.  If you get a "mini" bernedoodle there is likely a lot more potential for joint issues down the road because of the discrepancy between the sizes of the parents because it's unlikely the breeding for a smaller Bernedoodle was done carefully over several generations.  If they are doing it using smaller and smaller poodles you may want to consider something like a phantom mini poodle instead.

        - Bernese are prone to joint issues and cancer.  Poodle genes do not "cancel" these out, the issues are still potentially there (though joint issues should be mitigated if you've picked a breeder that does the appropriate testing).  There is no testing for the cancer, we are just hoping that Riley lives a long, full life.  

        There is no denying bernedoodles are absolutely adorable.  Another option similar in appearance would be a sheepadoodle, to add more variety in your search for potential breeders.  Sheepadoodles don't come in tricolour though as far as I know.


    • I tried to have control over the ads, but so many new ones show up it's like wackamole to get rid of them all.  They don't seem to have a category to turn off for "ALL puppy ads." At least they didn't last time I checked.


      • It's based on the user's browser history. The OP must be looking at puppy websites that have bernedoodles, so that's what she got. I get clothing companies, lol.


        • I just mean I can block specific ones I see.  But there are hundreds of others and it's a neverending story.

  • Any updates or breeders you are considering so we can give feedback?

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