Bernedoodle Furnishings?


Hello! I'm new to doodle kisses and love seeing all these sweet doodle pups! I am not seeing many Bernedoodles on here, so I may not be on the right forum - haha!! I'll post anyway, let me know if I'm at the wrong place!

We just got an F2 mini Bernedoodle who we named Coco. She is now 10 weeks old and she is the sweetest pup who loves to snuggle! 

I'm curious, I assumed she does not have furnishings, and from what I'm reading, her wavy coat may shed. But I'm only 2 weeks into the doodle world, so would be curious what your thoughts are on her coat!  

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      • She is adorable and has such a delicate face - I can see the poodle in that face.  I don't see furnishings.

  • It looks like you're right about your pup not having furnishings, she appears to have what we call an open face. With the F2 generation, you have dogs without furnishings on both sides, so your chances of getting open-faced puppies is greater than with any other generation. 
    You're also correct that she will most likely shed, but that can happen whether a pup has furnishings or not, when you have shedding breeds in the mix. 

  • Oh she is just adorable.  The upside to no furnishings is a lot less sloppy floor around the water bowl!  Her littl face is just darling as it is.

  • Thanks for your replies! We think she is adorable too and have fallen in love with her! At the start, we had our hearts set on a furnished pup and assumed that's what we were getting from our breeder (poor communication from breeder). However, it took no time at all to fall in love with this sweet face and we know she's meant to be ours!  

    • Your pup is super cute and tricolour too!  So adorable.

      We were the same way with our first doodle, Luna, who was an unfurnished goldendoodle.  We were expecting a furnished dog and were a bit disappointed and confused when she never got "shaggy".  We ended up loving her sweet little face and the low maintenance that came with the shorter coat :)

      I think Riley my F1 bernedoodle is one of the only bernedoodles with an active member here, originally when I joined for Luna (10 years ago!) it was a goldendoodle/labradoodle site but has sort of evolved into a "doodle" site more recently.

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