• Just get a puppy care book - it's all the same info.  The difference is that many many doodles have high maintenance coats that will need attention - lots of brushing and combing and lots of grooming, whether by a professional or you.

  • I agree with Nancy. There really are no good goldendoodle-specific books. They're dogs like every other kind of dog, just get a good general puppy book. 

  • And buy a doodlekisses calendar to get a doodle 'fix' and find some that your pup looks like.

  • We really like "Perfect puppy in 7 days" by Dr. Sophia Yin for a training book.  

    About to embark on the puppy training program in that book this Saturday with a new pup!


    For coats and maintenance I would actually browse Youtube videos.  There are some really great grooming tutorials out there.

    I like the way this lady at "Go Groomer" explains things:

    • Thank you for the link, J.  I will keep that in mind for future reference.  Victoria Stillwell is also considered an excellent trainer but I have no idea what books she might have.

      • I also like McCann dog training videos on Youtube.  They seem to follow similar techniques to Dr. Yin's, it's nice to see it "in action" in video.  

  • Books are great but in my opinion there is no substitute for a really knowledgeable trainer.  Look into those in your area.


  • Agree with everyone else!  There are a couple doodle specific books out there, but they are inferior to some of the best puppy raising books.  Sign up for training,  google youtube videos on raising puppies, find a book on Amazon on raising puppies and you'll get better info.  

    • I mean.... dogs are dogs for the most part, especially as young puppies.  Depending on the trainability and basic intelligence you may have to do things slightly differently and do more/less repetitions but it's all pretty similar for the early stuff.

      "Doodle" books sound pretty useless to me because there are so many kinds of doodles.  

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