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Riley is scheduled for her spay surgery a few weeks from now at 7 months old and I am looking at e collar type options in case I want to order something off Amazon.

The vet's office sells e collars (unsure what type forgot to ask) nd those pyjama type things ("medical pet shirt"). Riley is clumsy and tries to eat everything so I know she will fuss over stitches.  I saw they sell inflatable collars on amazon are those any good?

Luna never touched her incision site at all but I foresee Riley being a menace...

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Neuter vs. spay surgery is definitely a point in favor for the boys. It's so much less invasive. I'm sure Jasper is going to do great, and you're such an attentive mom that he will be fine with the inflatable. 

Dogs are expensive! I really think I should be able to claim them as a dependent on my taxes!

Dogs are expensive, but some more than others. Huge cash flow improvement from JD to Jasper. Not that I wouldn't take the big guy back in a New York minute, though. 
But it does keep me from getting another big mixed breed dog, lol. 

I am finally recovering from Ava's bills - a year later. But like you, I would take the bills back if I could have her here. 

There are less expensive dogs out there. Dogs who don't require $1300/year of grooming. And if I fed them Costco dog food instead of the best. But I don't mind spending money on them. I just think I should get a tax credit ;) They are my children. 

You know I really don't remember Luna having much difficulty.  We just took her for leashed walks and didn't play fetch in the house like we usually do.

Riley is definitely a more high energy dog though it's going to be a challenge.  When she doesn't get enough exercise she takes it out on any inanimate object she can get her mouth on... she chewed through her nylon leash in less than 5 minutes while I was preparing supper last night (she was tethered to keep her from causing mischief... or so I thought). She showed up in the kitchen with the carcass of her leash dangling from her neck like it was just supposed to be like that :/

:-). We had a foster who chewed through an Easy Walk harness and was able to step out of a second. In a not good way she was amazing. 

Luna was mischievous but she was quite a bit smaller and didn't destroy things quite as quickly as Riley does.  She wasn't as stubbornly determined as Riley is either (apparently Bernese are notoriously stubborn).  

She is a very sweet, friendly girl but also big trouble :p

We tried an inflatable collar on our doodle and the size that fit his neck wasn’t wide enough to keep him from reaching anything (his long snout reached past the collar). Back to the giant plastic cone. Although our vet did give us one that has a fabric base with velcroed straps. 

This is what I'm afraid of. 

Yeah same, it's worth a try though since it's probably way more comfortable.

Well today is the day!  I'm missing my fluffmonster, she's been at the vet for a few hours already, coming home just before suppertime.  

I will report back on how well the inflatable collar works (or doesn't work)... 

I'm crossing my fingers for you (and for me), lol! We'll be in the same boat two weeks from tomorrow.
I hope everything goes smoothly.

Well DH got the medical pet shirt instead of a cone because the vet techs cautioned against the cone with a dog of her size... it would have been most of the width of a doorway and they said she'd probably wreck the house with it :p  so far she isn't fussing over anything but she is more herself this morning... we will see how it holds up when her spunk returns in full in a few days, i may have to use the inflatable collar then.

Here she is stoned out of her mind with her silly shirt last night lol.



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