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Riley is scheduled for her spay surgery a few weeks from now at 7 months old and I am looking at e collar type options in case I want to order something off Amazon.

The vet's office sells e collars (unsure what type forgot to ask) nd those pyjama type things ("medical pet shirt"). Riley is clumsy and tries to eat everything so I know she will fuss over stitches.  I saw they sell inflatable collars on amazon are those any good?

Luna never touched her incision site at all but I foresee Riley being a menace...

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She is so darned cute!
I don't think my vet has these shirts. It sure looks like a lot better option than those horrible huge hard plastic cones. Nice of your vet to think of the damage they do to people's homes. 
I hope her recovery is uneventful and she leaves her stitches alone. 
Please keep us posted.

I feel like  for Jasper you could just get a regular baby zipper sleeper (or get footless ones) cut off the feet and cut a tail hole lol.  It's basically just thick stretchy pyjamas with a double layer of fabric on the belly.  They have them on amazon too but baby pyjamas would be cheaper (also adorable).

We are very happy with this vet so far, they even did a complimentary nail trim and ear cleaning while Riley was out :)

I've just never had any luck with the onesies, boys' underwear, etc. to keep any of my dogs from bothering stitches. Plus, it is such a PITA to have to take them off and put them back on for pottying. And since Jasper's stitches are going to be right underneath his tail, that hole for the tail would probably give him access, lol. Your idea might work better for a female. :) 

JMaybe he will be like Luna and just leave it alone :) she didn't need anything at all, just didn't touch anything and didn't whine at all.  She was a tough cookie when it came to discomforts and pain.  Terrified of inflated lawn decorations and random signs on the side of the street though lol.

She was a lot like JD. :)

Well we tried the inflatable collar last night while I washed her pet shirt (got a bit of pee on it, oops) and it was a disaster.  She immediately started flailing around like a fish out of water trying to rip it off to play with it.  No good 2 days post op!

I hastily found one of my old shirts that was destined for the scrap fabric pile and put it on her (thick fabric and a long shirt).  It worked well enough for the hour it took to wash and dry her pet shirt.  She looked fashionable with the puffy sleeves :p  terrible picture but shirt was long enough to go down to her hips (incision is upper belly by her ribs so well covered), apparently a younger, skinnier me and Riley are about the same size lol.

Karen I hope Jasper is more civilized about his inflatable collar!

I'm jinxing myself here by laughing!

Have you tried flipping the shirt the other way? You put the back legs through the arms, tail through the neck, pull it up to the chest and tie a knot on her back to hold it in place. I always use old t-shirts for this. Works great. I hate those cones too.

I think maybe she is too long for that, I put the shirt up against her both ways and this way seemed better.  It's just a temporary solution anyway while her other one is in the wash :p

She has one like this:

I am absolutely certain that Jasper would chew through any clothing or fabric item in minutes. He is like a termite. Or a beaver. 

See Riley is too.. she destroyed a leash in under 5 minutes but so far she hasn't touched this shirt for some reason.. maybe it's the tranquilizer drugs lol.




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