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Riley is scheduled for her spay surgery a few weeks from now at 7 months old and I am looking at e collar type options in case I want to order something off Amazon.

The vet's office sells e collars (unsure what type forgot to ask) nd those pyjama type things ("medical pet shirt"). Riley is clumsy and tries to eat everything so I know she will fuss over stitches.  I saw they sell inflatable collars on amazon are those any good?

Luna never touched her incision site at all but I foresee Riley being a menace...

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I brought Jack home 5 days after he was neutered by the shelter, and he pretty much left his incision alone, too. He also healed within a few days.
But you know how if the first child is an angel, the next one is a demon? I have a feeling that Jasper Mousse is going to live up to his nickname: Moussifer (rhymes with Lucifer). LOL

Love, love, love that nickname!  Works that way with kids too. :-)



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