Riley is scheduled for her spay surgery a few weeks from now at 7 months old and I am looking at e collar type options in case I want to order something off Amazon.

The vet's office sells e collars (unsure what type forgot to ask) nd those pyjama type things ("medical pet shirt"). Riley is clumsy and tries to eat everything so I know she will fuss over stitches.  I saw they sell inflatable collars on amazon are those any good?

Luna never touched her incision site at all but I foresee Riley being a menace...

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  • It's funny you posted this now.
    I'm planning to schedule Jasper's neuter surgery in the next week or so and have also been looking at e-collar alternatives. I bought an inflatable collar, based on good experiences with a standard doodle foster who was here when she was spayed. 

    I have never had any luck at all with the onesies, boys' underwear, T-shirts, and all the other garment type things people recommend. Just never worked for any of my dogs.

    The inflatable collar worked well for my foster. She could comfortably sleep in it and I never had to take it off for her to eat, drink, go outside, etc. Because it doesn't extend out past their heads lengthwise, it doesn't obscure their vision or throw them off balance, and it doesn't scratch up your walls or bang into things. I think it's my best shot for my fussy little guy, but of course I won't know 'til we try it. 

    • Yeah I can't see the pyjama working well with her seeing as she can shred anything made of fabric inside 5 seconds lol.  I wish we could wait longer to spay but we really don't want her to get that first heat cycle.

      I just called the vet back and they only sell the plastic cones... probably a bad idea with Riley I imagine it would be a giant disaster lol. 50 lbs of clumsy rambunctious puppy with a lampshade on her head no thanks!

      I think I'll probably look for an inflatable one I can order in time :)

  • Bo got fixed last week. The cone is bothersome in that he could not get through the dog door. With it being rather cold, leaving the doors open wasn't an option so my husband got a comfortable leather muzzle for him. He looks tough but the best part is he can go in and out of his dog door, play in the yard, etc., without difficulty. We also got a Surgi Snuggly but this is just nylon stretchy material so not sure it will work in your situation. We found it helpful in the evenings lounging around in bed reading where we can keep an eye on him. Good luck on a successful surgery!

    • Never thought of a muzzle - they have soft muzzles and Karen, those basket thingees that I never can remember the name of.

  • I checked petsmart's site and they are about double the price of the one off Amazon... it's also easier for me to order online these days instead of venturing out with the newborn (almost a month old now!)  I could always send DH but the price is way better online anyway.

    Ordering this one, hopefully it works.  Will probably also buy a plastic e-collar just in case.

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    • Your vet's office will probably send her home with a rigid plastic e-collar, so check before you buy one.

      • They have them at the vet's office ($10) so will buy it there - doesn't "come with" the spay but it was part of our quote.  

      • Also I think I need to buy a small army of tempting chew items like bully sticks and yak chews so she doesn't go stir crazy :p

  • If you don't have good luck with the inflatable collar, the comfy cone (I bought mine on Amazon) was better than the rigid plastic one. It was still awful, but at least it's soft and padded. My dogs seem to be contortionists and seem able to get around anything. I always try to plan things so I have plenty of days where I am home to closely supervise.

    • I was really torn between the Comfy Cone and the inflatable. I went with the inflatable because I'm pretty sure Jasper will be more comfortable with it, but I also think he might very well be able to get around it easier, the little stinker. The problem is that by the time I know that, it will take too long to get the Comfy Cone. I don't have Amazon Prime and the cost of the cone plus next-day shipping on top of the one I already bought, not to mention the surgery itself, would be a major budget hit. Especially since he won;t need it more than a few days, I think. 
      Fortunately, neuter recovery is much shorter and easier than spay surgery recovery. Jack was all healed in less than a week. He was ready to play ball and run within 3 days, lol. 

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