Best Summer Memories?

It doesn't take long for me to miss summer.  Now that it's fully FALL, let's reminisce on your doodle's summer. What was the best part, according to your doodle???

Boca enjoyed the frequent trips to Grandma's house on the OTHER side of WA:


I think she also had a great time staying with a friend of mine for a week while her 4 humans were at family camp.  I have no photos, but she got to spend her first night crate free and had a late night snack of English muffins.  Needless to say, there was no second crate free night.  She also tried out the guinea pig's cage on another day.  And hung out with their sweet dog.  


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  • Jasper Mousse says the best part of the summer was going to the dog park and playing with his best friend Murphy the Golden Retriever.

    • Aw, so cute;) that's how Luna used to play with her best friend Sammy the mystery shelter mutt.  We think she is a spaniel mix of some sort :p

    • That is such sweet, gentle play. 

    • Loved seeing Jasper playing with Murphy. Sweet boy.


    • Love this!!!!



    • Lucky pup!

  • Swimming at grandma's and visits to the dog park for sure :) Riley could do without the heat though she is a winter-loving dog.  Argh upside down Riley again!  Click for right side up Riley lol.

    We are having a pool installed as we speak so Riley will have lots of swimming time next Summer!




    • Riley looks like swimming and trotting down country lanes are definitely her favorites. 

      • This is what she looked like closer to the end of that trip to the dog park lol!  A bit messier and a bit hotter :p


        • And still gorgeous. It’s amazing though, how quickly they lose that freshly brushed look. :-)

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