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Best Tiny Adorable Towns In Southern Ontario?? (Help) not doodle related..

Hello Everyone! I am temporarily back on DK.. (long long story)

We are thinking about going to Southern Ontario in October, and on a hunt for some hidden, NON-touristy place, that looks like Europe (in some places), and very, very old fashion...(?) I hope that this is not a totally unrealistic expectation list:)  Here are the towns that I did minimal research on:




St. Marys

Port hope


ANY Help is greatly appreciated!!!


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Forgot to add this--

Also, if anyone has any tips about traveling across the border with doodles:)

Can't help on the location but we drove from Alaska to Utah and when we crossed into CA we needed a Health Certificate.  When going back into the US they didn't need to see anything.  Your vet should give the cert for free but I've heard some may charge a fee.  It just states that all vaccinations are up to day and the dog is disease free.

Thank You!

I was reading about that on another blog but wasn't sure:)

If you are bringing your doodle and like beaches, go to port burwell provincial park.. Quaint older towns in southern ontario - go to Elora ( shops and beautiful gorge on the Grand River,, great food), St. Jacobs - large Mennonite community and huge farmers market/shops in town), Fergus is nearby.  up on Lake Huron Goodrich, Grand bend, Bayfield are wonderful,  Stratford has great theatre,, food and inns,, you need to book ahead to get a good place to stay though!

If you like wine, go through the wine routes by Niagara on the lake and jordan station

The lakeshore route from prot dover through to Turkey point and long point along Lake Erie(  look up Norfolk County Ontario tourism) is really nice,, lots of little four corner towns, antique places and little restaurants and food !

We have been across border going from Canada to USA with our doodle ,never had problems, just needed paperwork showing vaccinations were up to date

Hope this helps

From a Southern Ontario Doodlekisses friend


This is so Helpful!! Thank You!!!

I am definitely going to Elora:) and probably staying in Stratford. I heard that Paris was one of the cutest towns at one point..Would that also be a town to visit??

Again, Thank you very much:)

Yes Paris is pretty little town along the grand river,,apps mills trails just outside of town great to hike with the dog, Stratford is more touristy but lots of places to choose from to eat and stay. If you like nice shops, food and beach I would head to bayfield.

Great! I will look at all of those towns:)

Hey you are coming to our area! How are you travelling? Are you camping or staying in motels?
I would recommend following highway 21 along the Lake Huron shoreline for a bit. Many charming towns to explore. You will be a bit off season for these beach towns so fewer tourists. You are in the wheeel house for some nice colours though. (Leaves changing). Piney provincial park is gorgeous and has a dog friendly beach. Towns along the way: Grand Bend, Bayfield, Goderich, Kincardine. You can move inland from there and loop back down hitting Elora, Stratford, etc. There are many old farm towns as Debbie mentioned. Give us a wave as you cross the border at Sarnia!

We are driving, and  planning to stay in a bed and breakfast:) Thank you so much for that info! I will research all of the towns you mentioned;)

I live in Kingston and have lots of cutesy little towns around me within 1 hr. 

Kingston itself is very cute







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