Summer is in full swing over here, started early due to an odd May heat wave... we opened our pool and Riley has been thoroughly enjoying herself (so have the kids!).  We recently (after this pic was taken) installed a safety fence around just the pool itself both for the kids and so Riley isn't tempted to just take a dip anytime we let her out (because she totally would).


Riley is a great big bear of a dog and for some reason everyone assumes she is a male dog.  Even people who KNOW she is female can't seem to stop calling her "he".  Is it her colour? Her size? I have no idea!  Anyone else have this "problem"?  I mean I know Riley doesn't care what people call her but it sort of bugs me on her behalf.

I even went and bought her new collar in PINK (after she ripped the D-ring on her old collar in half while we were playing and she was tethered out front... she is STRONG).  It doesn't really matter though because she's so fluffy you can't really see it haha.  I had to brush her hair aside to take this pic of it.  I think I need to trim the excess (it's biothane, should be ok to trim) since she's at the smaller end of the size range for the collar.


Big girl dogs say hello and would like you to know they are not boys :)


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  • Jasper Mousse feels your pain, Riley. People seem to think that all small Poodles are female, so he gets called "she" a lot, even with his blue collar and leash, and even though his name is not unisex, lol. 

    • Poor Jasper, he doesn't seem girly to me at all!  

      It's funny because people often say that they thought Riley is a male name but I've been teaching 11 years now and I've only had 1 male student named Riley, the rest have been female.

      • I do think of Riley as a masculine name, I know several little boys named Riley. There was a female Lab named Riley in my neighborhood and i always just assumed she was a "he".


        • People assume Riley is a "he" before they hear her name though, and even after they've been told she's a "she" they keep calling her "he".  I think it's a size thing.

          It was the only name on our short list DH and I agreed on, we were looking for one that was easy to say and didn't sound like Luna or our kids' names ;)

  • "She" is such a sweetheart!    A pink bikini for the pool? Maybe pink bows in her hair - Ha!  Like that would last!  Well there isn't much you can do about it other than correction.

    I have a friend that calls Picco "her" but she appoligizes.  Most of her dogs were female so she was so used to saying "Her".  Now she has a male so maybe that will cure it!

    • Haha, I've thought about going a step further and making her some girly collar bandanas.  Something tells me it wouldn't work though!

      My dad is the worst, we've had only female dogs for the last 25 years or so (we had a small female dog for 18 years when I was little and then DH and I had Luna before Riley) and he STILL calls Riley "he".  DH's parents are the same way and call her "he" all the time.  My mom is pretty good though.  

  • I have the SAME probem with Boca.  She's a standard size at 24" tall and 60bs (+/-) so not a huge dog but probably still "large."  But EVERYONE calls her "he" or "him."  I've done the same collars, BOWS on her collar, pretty flowery bandanas.  Nothing.  Make no difference *face palm*  Do I have to put a skirt on her?  

    I think it's because she's black.  I think black dog looks less "feminine" and more masculine somehow to people.  At least my upcoming standard poodle will be male AND black (most likely unless I get a surprise and get the one brown male in the litter that seems to be 90% claimed by anothe family).  Apparently my next female has to be cream or white.

    My mom always refers to her as male too...part of it is that in Romanian, the default gender of dog = masculine so that plays into it too.

    • Maybe it is the colour too, you're right, combined with the size.

      Luna grew up with a couple of black and white dogs (one Luna sized and one a bit smaller), people often called them "he" before asking about their sex, but that could be just people who call all dogs "he" so who knows!

      DH wants our next dog to be brown or red (and will probably be female again), maybe that one will be called "she" more often!?  It's probably going to be a large breed again.

      • The color thing is interesting.  Maybe because I've been around dogs so long that I don't judge by color or size but I can see how people do.  I have gone by names to judge sex and I would think Riley would be a male but I've learned since being with my husband "Lynn" you can't go by that either! And some dog names don't necessarily follow human conventions anyway.  Most of the time we meet a dog on a walk and exchange dog names (but not people) then my husband asks if that was a male or female and I realized I don't even think about it!

  • Because my dogs all happen to be boys (only one was our choice), I tend to call all dogs 'he' LOL.   Ned is always called she BTW.

    Does it matter that my groomer puts feathers in their hair?  (Giggle)5866447674?profile=RESIZE_400x

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