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We've never had a puppy this big before (Riley is 37 lbs at ~19 weeks...) and teething is coming along nicely.

She has a number of chew toys for supervised chewing and play time:

- Split deer antler
- Yak cheese (a big one!)
- Miscellaneous stuffed toys and rubber toys

and toys for when we are not home:

- Large kongs
- Durabone nylabone

Her teeth seem to be really bothering her lately so I was hoping to find something that might help relieve some of the discomfort.  With Luna we froze wet kitchen washcloths and let her chew those (supervised) but I have a feeling Riley would shred them inside 30 seconds because she's so strong.

Any suggestions for our big pup and her sore teeth? :)  Bonus if she can be left alone with it when we're not home!

DH was saying he thinks she'd like something softer (like one of the more rubbery nylabones) but we can't leave her with those unsupervised.  She chewed part of our baseboards in her gated-off area while I was at work yesterday, her teeth must be really sore :/

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She might like a pig ear, and those, she can be left alone with. (Be sure to check sourcing). Also beef tracheas; you can get some really big ones, and they are safe for unsupervised chewing. And the big braided bullies are also good. 

The little pet store near our house tends to carry good quality stuff ... not sure there's a way to check where the stuff they keep in open bins (like pig ears) come from and I doubt the store clerk would know.  I had no idea you could leave them alone with stuff like that, good to know!  I'll have to have a look next time we're out shopping.

I don't have a lot of days of work left before my mat. leave but I'd still like to salvage what's left of our poor baseboard in our brand new house lol.  

Some of the small boutique type pet supply stores that carry the better brands have "nothing from China" policies; you might ask about that. We have a few in my area where you know that anything you buy is sourced in North America, including all the chews in the open bins.
Otherwise, you can find these things online, and the websites usually do disclose the brand and the sourcing. 

They may actually have that policy I should ask.  I have yet to see anything in the store (kibble included) that is questionable.  They tend to be a bit pricy but I like to support them since the reliably carry the good stuff and they are local :)

I’d put some of the chew things you have in the fridge. Cold seems to soothe sore gums. I’s fill A kong ir a safe bone with a mixture of yogurt and kibble or even put some peanut butter into the mix and freeze. 

That's what we do when we're away - A handful of kibble and seal the hole with PB then freeze.

I hadn't thought about doing it for when we're around the house too, I might get some plain yogourt (or just fill with water) and do that for an at-home treat :)

Low fat cream cheese with kibble works well frozen in kongs.  my dogs also like just a dish of plain ice cubes if your floors don't mind water.

Zogoflex toys are really tough and they come in different sizes and shapes..  

Her "playpen" area is tiled so it's fine there for ice cubes... most of the rest of the areas she frequents are either hardwood or carpet though so in those areas not so much :p

I tried kibble with water frozen in kongs.. it didn't freeze quickly enough and ended up being a mushy mess, hence the frozen PB "stopper" I came up with.  Once she's through the PB though I'm sure it doesn't last her very long though maybe I need to do something like the cream cheese or some yogourt to freeze with the kibble.

Speaking of the teething puppy and her need to desperately chew everything... I was sewing some stuff for new baby and Riley was locked in craft room with me.. guess I didn't put ALL of my daughter's craft stuff out of reach because she grabbed a (watercolour) paint palette and in 5 seconds destroyed one of the colours.  Can you guess which one she got into? :p  My mother-in-law says Riley just wanted some lipstick.

LOL, she is so cute, impossible to get mad at her.

It's so hard!  It's like having a real life muppet in the house.  She was climbing all over me the other day and DH said "I know she's cute but you shouldn't let her do that" :/  But the big furry paws and the kisses!

Oh my goodness! She is just darling! I can't take it! 



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