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We've never had a puppy this big before (Riley is 37 lbs at ~19 weeks...) and teething is coming along nicely.

She has a number of chew toys for supervised chewing and play time:

- Split deer antler
- Yak cheese (a big one!)
- Miscellaneous stuffed toys and rubber toys

and toys for when we are not home:

- Large kongs
- Durabone nylabone

Her teeth seem to be really bothering her lately so I was hoping to find something that might help relieve some of the discomfort.  With Luna we froze wet kitchen washcloths and let her chew those (supervised) but I have a feeling Riley would shred them inside 30 seconds because she's so strong.

Any suggestions for our big pup and her sore teeth? :)  Bonus if she can be left alone with it when we're not home!

DH was saying he thinks she'd like something softer (like one of the more rubbery nylabones) but we can't leave her with those unsupervised.  She chewed part of our baseboards in her gated-off area while I was at work yesterday, her teeth must be really sore :/

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I posted this pic on Facebook and a couple of my friends said they thought it was a stuffed toy at first lol.

Oh my gosh, she is adorable. She puts that lipstick on pretty darn nicely!  I had a dog get into a blue ink pen - it was NOT a pretty sight - white legs, the light carpet, the fabric ottoman.

Oh no!

She's grabbed my daughter's markers a few times, luckily we've always gotten to her before she's actually cracked one open... and most (but not all) her markers are washable... but I foresee some more art-related messes in our future... :/


Hi There- my little girl Lucy loved to chew as a puppy and still loves to chew at 14 months; unfortunately. However; part of Lucy's issue though, is boredom and I believe she gets a little anxious when she's alone (although we also have a 10 year old doodle). Lucy has eaten part of a window sill, area rug x 2, baseboard, (3) throw pillows, and most oddly bark off of a tree. 

Our answer with Lucy was doggy daycare where she was playing with other dogs when she's going to be without humans for >5 hours. 

With regards to possible chew toys; one suggestion that I would share is one of the big thick rope toys. 

She doesn't care much for rope toys it seems!  She really likes squeaky things and smelly things like yak cheese... and plastic bottles but those don't last long :p

I'll be home for a year with a new baby so she won't need the doggy daycare since hopefully she'll be mellowed out by the time I go back to work.  We'll only be gone a few hours at a time to the store etc. so soon she'll be able to hold it long enough we can just crate her.

She peed RIGHT in the corner of her gated-off area while we were at work yesterday and DH had to remove the baseboards to clean up ><   Thankfully I only have a few more days of work left before I go on xmas vacation then mat. leave...



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