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We've never had a puppy this big before (Riley is 37 lbs at ~19 weeks...) and teething is coming along nicely.

She has a number of chew toys for supervised chewing and play time:

- Split deer antler
- Yak cheese (a big one!)
- Miscellaneous stuffed toys and rubber toys

and toys for when we are not home:

- Large kongs
- Durabone nylabone

Her teeth seem to be really bothering her lately so I was hoping to find something that might help relieve some of the discomfort.  With Luna we froze wet kitchen washcloths and let her chew those (supervised) but I have a feeling Riley would shred them inside 30 seconds because she's so strong.

Any suggestions for our big pup and her sore teeth? :)  Bonus if she can be left alone with it when we're not home!

DH was saying he thinks she'd like something softer (like one of the more rubbery nylabones) but we can't leave her with those unsupervised.  She chewed part of our baseboards in her gated-off area while I was at work yesterday, her teeth must be really sore :/

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Oh good. If they are that loose and coming out, there shouldn;t be a problem. 

Hahahahaha, so did I.  Most people have a baby book with milestones - I have a calendar with "gums lanced"  hand written in the boxes.  I don't remember it, but it must have been painful at the time. Jasper, at least your baby teeth came in unassisted!  However, your mom owes you a special treat from me.

Trust me, he gets more treats and toys than any puppy on earth, lol. He is spoiled rotten. 



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