Hello, thanks for the add. We're here searching for advice/input/food suggestions for our stubborn golden doodle. Our pup is 3 years old and for about the last year or 2, we have been fighting tooth and nail with him trying to find a food he'll eat. We have gone through countless brands and flavors of dry and wet food. We've even tried making him human food to get him to eat. We can get about a week out of him with something new until he gets bored again and walks away from his food. We'd be perfectly fine if he would only eat when he wants but he has something the vet is calling bilious vomiting where he'll throw up a green/yellow bile early in the morning. The vet doesn't have any suggestions for us other than find something he likes. We've searched the internet and are struggling to find any help. We have a 9 year old golden doodle that we've never experienced this with. Thank you in advance. 

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  • This is a very common issue which we have discussed at great length here in The Food Group over the years. Here is a link to our best discussion on this, and if you read through it, you will find all the information you need to turn this around. It's not about finding the right food or finding something he likes. It's about taking back control of the food bowl. 
    The early morning vomiting is due to having an empty stomach for too many hours over night. It's pretty common and happens even in dog who are good eaters. Try giving him a small snack about an hour before bed. You may have trouble with that until you get the main issue solved.
    Please read through this, it has all the info you need:

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    • Ok great. Thank you so much. 

  •  Basicially, you are going to choose some food, and you are going to feed him twice a day, on schedule. You are going to put the food bowl down, and sit down nearby. Have a cup of coffee or something yourself. You are going to keep all distractions to a minimum: nobody coming in and out of the room, nobody calling out from other rooms, no kids doing something exciting in the next room etc. After 5 minutes, you are going to pick up the bowl and not offer food again until the next meal. Morning and night, same routine. It will not take long for him to understand that food is not always available and that if he wants to eat, he'll have to do it when the food is there. 
    Stick with this. There has never been a case of a normal healthy dog starving himself to death because he didn;t like the food. By catering to him and trying to find something he "likes", you have taught him that if he holds out long enough, he will get something "better". No matter what food anyone tells you to try, eventually he will decide that he wants something else. It's not the answer. 
    Now go read that article. 

  • My understanding is that the snack at night can be something he likes, like a dog cookie or cheese or a high value treat because the point is to have something in his tummy until morning. The snack is not meant to be a meal and if he refuses what you offer, then he gets nothing. 
    Correct me if I'm wrong, Karen. 

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