Birthday celebrations

Webster's 3rd birthday is tomorrow. What do you do to celebrate your dog's birthday? For his first we had a bone-shaped birthday cake made at the local doggie bakery. He shared with his doggie daycare friends. I want to do something special for him, but he no longer goes to the doggie daycare. Suggestions?

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  • I set up a doodle romp for Darwin's birthday. We got a doggy pizza, i gave out salmon treats for favors, and even snapped a few photos with their birthday hats on. They had a lot of fun playing together!

    • LOOOOOOOVE this looks like there was more than water in that water dish.....!
  • I'm impressed by anyone who gets it together enough to celebrate! I have a good friend who likes to organize a mini-romp for her dog's birthday - that's always fun, we all just meet at a local dog park or something. Or we use it as an excuse to have a little barbecue with dogs welcome. My husband and I do acknowledge Quinn's birthday but just with something small like this - I won't let Q see Darwin's pictures! :)

  • Tara has only had one birthday so far but we just did all of what we think are her favorite things to do. Tara loves to get new toys and also likes to go hiking and swimming. Since Webster will be three years old you probably have a good idea of what are his favorite things to do too. I would spend the day with him doing those things. Just spending the day with you would probably be his FAVORITE thing to do anyhow!! :>)
    • What a great idea - doing the things that he loves to do! Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Appreciate the photos too.
  • We had a pawtee at home for Peri's 1st birthday. Her "cousin" Chuck, "aunt" Lucy, and brother Taquito celebrated with a carrot/apple doggy cake. At daycare, Peri got treats with her friends and sister Bella!

    DAYCARE (Peri on right)


    You could just get some good toys and make up a song for Webster LOL. Seriously, my dogs love it when I get really excited and make a big deal about something. They know it's a special occasion.
  • For my birthday last week, my daughter-in-law got 'pupcakes' for the dogs and strawberry shortcake for the humans. The pupcakes were very cute with sprinkles on top. Whatever they were made of must have been really yummy because they got scarfed immediately!
  • I loved all of your pictures w the doggie birthday hats and the happy birthday pizza et al! I make a big deal out of Beau's birthdays too. Every year I make a doodle romp out of it, so he has his "brethren" around him, in addition to all his pals from the dogpark and our building. I always make a "cake" for the dogs, out of hamburger that I bake in cake tins, then cool to room temperature, and "ice" with mashed potatoes. It's always a BIG hit w the dogs! I also make a lemon cake and pina coladas for the humans. The first birthday party was on the beach in Surfside, the second one at the Aventura Dogpark, the third at the new and improved Aventura Dogpark, and the latest one was at the dogpark that was built on the premises of our building. You can check out the photos on my photo page. If I can figure out how to attach them here, I will do so. Did you know that Party City has a whole SECTION for doggie birthday party paraphernalia? Their big helium balloon in the shape of a dog w a party hat on is a real winner!




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