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As I posted as a new member, we have chosen our new girl, and will be bringing her home at the end of April.  I have been scouring DoodleKisses to ‘try’ and prepare for the big day, and our new lives together.  One thing I’ve noticed, is that there doesn’t seem to be a huge contingent of black labradoodles on the site.  Maybe I just haven’t searched the correct way yet!  

We have been dreaming of what our Zoey will look like as she grows, and what “haircut” might look best for her once she needs grooming.  Having a hard time picturing her as she grows.

Sooooo, if you have a black coated doodle, ANY age, I’d love to see photos!

Love this site!!!!!!


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So adorable!  Congratulations!  Photographing a black dog is a challenge.  I have started using an external flash with my girls to highlight the eyes.  The flash really helps.  Before using one my dogs eyes were so dark...yes, neither one of mine are black, but still getting those eyes are challenging no matter the color.

Beautiful eyes!  Gorgeous pup, too!  I will check into an external flash.  I really want to document everything with Zoey.  Thanks for the great tip!  Do you use a DSLR or your phone. I will be using my iPhone to start with.

I use a Nikon D7200 if I want decent pictures.  My friend on this site and the photography group has helped me hone my amateur skills.  I took a couple classes to learn how to use the camera, but I am mostly self taught.  Lots of video tutorials online.  When I look back at my first attempts at photos (almost 9 years ago) and today there is a world of difference so I am glad I was interested enough to keep learning and getting better photos.  They grow fast!  So BE READY!

It's hard to get a decent picture of black doodles with a phone/tablet :p Riley is not all black but the area around her eyes is and her eye colour is very dark.

I try to photograph her with her facing a light source if I can since the tablet flash is not great.  Here's an example of light coming from her back end.. where are her eyes? Who knows? Lol

Simply adorable...Looks like a very huge kitty cat!

Very huge indeed! She's 60 lbs now but stands taller than most large breeds like goldens and shepherds though some of the height is fluff.

Welcome!!! Here is our Stella. She is an f1b labradoodle. She isn't super doodley!! She's around 7 months old 

What a doll!

Love this! Mines a goldendoodle but I have always loved the black ones! I’ve had Lincoln for a little over a week and right now he’s 9 weeks old. He’s a handful, but cute as a button and growing like a weed. Yours is beautiful! You can already tell she is going to have such a lovely face. Here are some photos of mine! 


Wow!  Soooo adorable...  just want to cuddle that love bug!  I hope Zoey is half as cute at 9 weeks......


What a cutie!!

Our F1B Golden Doodle Bailee is now 9 months.  She has more of the "poodle" hair and loves the water so we try to keep her cut fairly short. 1st pic was a week after we brought her home, around 13 weeks old. Last pic was yesterday after getting her from the groomers.  Getting a clear picture of their face is definitely the hardest ,I do tend to use the portrait mode with flash on my iPhone the most and it seems to help.  



Bailee is beautiful!   And I understand about the photos!  We have a black lab mix and I almost always get the”demon eyes!” I’m researching photo tips for black dogs!



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