Black Goldendoodle

Found this beautiful dog in another Goldendoodle forum. She's a black Goldendoodle who is more Golden Retriever than a Poodle. Clean face, more waivy than a regular Golden Retriever so it should shed less. <3.

What a beauty! I personally prefer the Golden Retriever side vs the Poodle. Of course the Goldendoole mix was created for a less shedding Golden Retriever. A need for a larger Doodle that maintained the desired low-dander, low-shedding coat and that possessed the intelligent and friendly nature of the Golden Retriever. However with the instroducton of the Poodle colors, you get these exotics mixes!






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  • Beautiful dog whatever she is- whether golden/poodle mix or something else.  If I were looking for a dog, she'd sure be high on my list.

    • Same here!


  • Lovely dog. But I would not look at the wavy hair as a prediction that the dog will shed less than a Golden. I have heard stories of more "retriever-y" doodles who seem to shed more than the dog they came from. 

    I also think people have such a misconception about the personality of a Poodle. Maybe it's the haircut that makes them look snooty. But of all the Poodles I know they're just as likely to come over and jump in my lap as the Golden Retriever. And Poodles are incredibly smart. Smarter than the Goldens - no offense to the Goldens. I love them too. I don't know that much about the creation of the doodle as a service dog. But I wonder if the real reason was more along the line of they needed a dog with more bone than the Poodle has. The Poodle is a dainty dog, and even the tall ones don't weigh a ton. They would not be suited for someone who needed to lean on them. 

    • I agree 100%. On the shedding as well as the Poodles. 

    • Luna's hair was more wavy than a Golden but she shed a TON, the only reason she maybe shed less than a Golden was that she was smaller.  Riley sheds quite a bit too even though she is quite curly - it's her undercoat that sheds and she has a LOT of it.  Not nearly as much as Luna though because Riley's top coat doesn't seem to shed and Luna's did.

      I don't know why some doodle people (including my husband) say they don't want a poodle.  I think he's warming up to the idea because of Toby though.  I've always thought of poodles as friendly, fun-loving dogs.    

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