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Lucy had diarrhea in her crate today and it got on some of her toys.  We are bleaching them but I wondered about antlers... are those ok to bleach or should I just toss it?

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Run the antler through the dishwasher, that should be enough to sterilize it. 

Personally, I don't think bleach residue would be healthy for the dogs to chew on so I would toss everything but a whatever you can wash in the washing machine.  Plush toys can air dry. I used a vinegar solution to wipe down the crate after hosing it out with dish or laundry soap solution.

Whatever bleach residue is left on something after a wash is pretty minimal.  Especially considering it is diluted once in the wash water and again in the rinse water. 

I thought she meant she was going to was everything with just a bleach solution and not in the machine - dumb me.

I would also use the dishwasher as Karen suggested.



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