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Boca has finally blown out her other knee.  3 years ago she had knee surgery and we knew there was a 50% chance the other knee would need it.  Yesterday after a short walk, she chased two squirrels in our yard and quit putting weight on her right leg  :-(  It's stayed that way overnight.  Taking her to see the vet who did her last knee tomorrow.  I'm so bummed.  For her and for me.  She had just started "working" as a therapy dog in my office and would get so excited when she saw me getting ready for work.  And my clients were enjoying her presence too.  

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Well, this sucks for sure. The only positive thing I can think of is that maybe she can do her therapy work while recovering? I mean, she has to stay quiet and calm for both, right?

It's getting down there stairs, into the car, out of the car and up again that might be too much. I'll ask the vet. I don't want to compromise the knee that has already gotten surgery because it wasn't a total knee replacement, just the banding.

Ah...I wasn't thinking about the inand out of the car, up and down the stairs part of it. That does sound like it would be too much, especially at first.

I really think the percent for blowing the other knee is more like 90%.  Gordie also tore both CCL's about 3 years apart.  We found that the recovery from the second one went better than the first - perhaps because we knew what to expect.  After the first bit of recovery she probably could still go to work with you if she wasn't required to walk and clients came to you.

Which knee surgery did he have?

Gosh!  You ask me now?  I have no idea.  Probably TPLO  It was the up and coming one when he had it.  It involved less total  'down time' I think. We used a simple sling for stairs since our bedroom is upstairs and anxious Gordie would not have stayed down stairs without us.  We used an ex-pen to keep him confined at first with a lounge cushion in it.  Once he was recovering and going on walks walking on and off curbs and hills were encouraged.  I did worry also about the strain on the other leg. 

Does anyone have a recommendation for a specific sling to help support back legs for potty walks?

I had a really tough time finding that. The only things recommended by the PTs were full body suits that cost a fortune. 

I  meant something like this...

I know that there are fancy orthopedic braces that are several hundred to $1000 to...

Yeah, I knew what you meant. 
I actually bought the Gingerlead you pictured above. It was recommended by Jack's holistic vet.  Not only worthless, but it sent me to the orthopedic doctor's office. Think about it. You are completely supporting the dog's weight on one side of your body and trying to walk, go upstairs, whatever at the same time. One side. Go ahead and get it, maybe you and Boca can do your physical therapy together.
The suits I'm talking about are not braces. 

HAHAHAHA... she would love to do PT together.
But I'm mostly worried about the stairs.  It's just 2 (3?) steps but they are steps which are hard on joints  Can't I switch sides though?  

If it's only to go up and down a couple of stairs, sure. 
Just do not say I didn't warn you if you end up with back pain. 



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