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Boca has finally blown out her other knee.  3 years ago she had knee surgery and we knew there was a 50% chance the other knee would need it.  Yesterday after a short walk, she chased two squirrels in our yard and quit putting weight on her right leg  :-(  It's stayed that way overnight.  Taking her to see the vet who did her last knee tomorrow.  I'm so bummed.  For her and for me.  She had just started "working" as a therapy dog in my office and would get so excited when she saw me getting ready for work.  And my clients were enjoying her presence too.  

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Trust me, I really, really researched this. 
This is the one that was recommended by the physical therapy vet. It's not several hundred but it is up there in price and it is a major headache to get on. Once it's on, you're supposed to leave it on the majority of the time, which would have made JD miserable. But this is the one that's supposed to work best for you and the dog:

You can even use a towel, but the vet gave is one that was very simple; sort of a rectangle with rope handles at each end.  You could make it even.  Your vet might even have one.  This is a temporary sling and doesn't need to be fancy.

Wow - make your own!

The slings and towels, etc are fine for just lifting them up, but if you have to move the dog any distance at all, they kill your back and shoulder. It's not hard to figure out why. 

We used it for Gordie - to go outside to potty and for the stairs.  As I mentioned, it was for a short time, not forever.  I was lucky and had Skip do most of the sling work.  I am sure that it isn't suitable for long term, but for the re-hab from surgery it's pretty easy - remember you are only keeping the weight off the recovering leg, not supporting the spine or both back legs.

Yes, that would make a difference. With JD, it was his full weight sometimes, and he was 80 lbs.

Exactly!  And Gordie was only 42 pounds.

I am so sorry, Adina! I hope her knee gets fixed soon and she can still be a therapy dog while recovering. 

OH NOOOO! I am so sorry Adina, Bocca and the whole family. Yikes

Any update on Boca?  We’ve been praying and sending good, healing thoughts!

She's schedule for surgery the week after next.

Keep us updated, please. 

Thoughts and Prayers everything goes smoothly!  I am sorry she has to go for another surgery...



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