Okay, just food for thought.  With several of our members recently having kennel cough bouts even after normal yearly vaccination, should a regular daycare and/or dogpark visiting dood get two a year for prevention?   Any thought or experience with this?

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  • Yes! We were advised to get one every 6 months and only because we frequent dog parks. We do not attend daycare.

    Starlit had the vaccine but 3 weeks later she came down with a horrible case of kennel cough which lasted more than 5 weeks. Spud was current with his vaccination at the time and had no problem.

    Even with this experience I will not hesitate to get both dogs done every six months. The vaccine is certainly less expensive than the vet bills to get them well if secondary infections develop in the lungs.

    P.S. I did ask my vet once if every 6 months was really necessary--His response as he looked straight at me--
  • I really think Guinness and Murphy picked up Kennel Cough from the training facility. Based on the incubation period, it would have to have been from there. According to my Vet, in our area there are new strains that are cropping up that would not be prevented by the vaccine. Murphy actually picked it up even though his vaccination was less than six months ago, so it probably was one of those strains. So, even if you opt for vaccinating every six months, there are no guarantees.
  • Our vet does every six months too.
  • Food for thought : Ask the Vet if they have different strains to give for the "Kennel Cough Vaccine" their are multiple strains of the virus that can cause Kennell Cough
  • Our vet recommends every 6 months.
  • Hmm...We have had Alma vaccinated with kennel cough every 6 months. She came down with kennel cough after we boarded her for a day while we were on vacation. I think it's interesting that a dog can get kennel cough after being vaccinated. I didn't realize that there were different strains. Just like my kids who got chicken pox after having the chicken pox vaccine.
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