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Anyone have experience with Morningstar Farm in Royalston, MA/VA? Or have other recommendations? My husband & I are looking for a mini/medium goldendoodle.

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Hi Nicole,
Breeder recommendations/reviews are not permitted here in the open forums. :)
Members may send you a PM if you accept a friend request from them.
The most important thing in evaluating a doodle breeder is whether or not they can meet the basic standards outlined in this very helpful guideline.

Please be sure to read it, and use it as a checklist when you are considering any breeder. Run from anyone who doesn't meet these basic requirements. Most important of all is genetic health testing on the parents.
I do not see any mention of health testing (NOT vet checks, this is different) on the website of the breeder you asked about, nor any info at all on the parents. 

I have adopted (purchased) 3 doodles.  In my case they  were Australian labradoodles. My most recent is Murphy who is 9 months old.  You need to know why you want a doodle: looks, allergies, energy, etc.  Karen has been very politically correct and helpful.  I will put it a little more plainly.  I would run from this breeder. No health standards on website, no mention of parents, no mention of how the puppies spend their first eight weeks and on and on.  These might actually be awesome puppies but not much was mentioned.  Just lots of cute pictures.

Use  the guide Karen suggested and then go to the recommended goldendoodle breeders directory ( internet search) and start checking out websites from the breeders there that at least meet the minimum standards required by this organization. A reputable breeder will take back a puppy to rehome themselves and ask you to put on paper answers to more questions about you than you have about them.  Careful, knowledgeable breeders share everything they know about their dogs with potential adopters.  Keep looking. 

This is also a good place to start. Members of GANA have to at least meet certain health and welfare standards:

What the heck is a sportdoodle? I've never heard of that one. Is that a new fancy name for an open faced doodle or something? 

It is one person's marketing tool. 

Lots of marketing tools out there. I kind of hate that. It feels so deceptive.

That's because it IS deceptive, lol. 

Ahha!  Sportdoodle is what they are calling the flat coated doodles that won't have the traditional doodle look with fluffy coats and facial furnishings.  Some people choose a flat coated doodles when they really want more of a 'mini' golden in looks.  They are adorable and have their own distinctive look, but they are shedding dogs for sure. Flat coated doodles are usually discounted, but when you call them sportdoodles........   I had not heard of this marketing ploy before.



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