Can any of you tell me what to expect when I bring my pup home?  I did it 10 years ago with my Boxer but am assuming they are completely different.  I have read a lot and did my research but would like some input from you guys.3742826658?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Puppies are puppies regardless of breed :)

    Early training using positive reinforcement, early socialization.

    Also don't change pup's food for two weeks after it comes home.  Feed what the breeder has been feeding.  This helps rule out GI parasites. 

    Good luck and congratulations!

    • Yea I know that a puppy is going to be a puppy and read about changing the food for a little while but do they need anything special from, say  Boxer puppy? I just want to prepare myself so I can do the best thing for him when we get him. My Boxer was raised and trained extremely well. I love dogs and always want as much info on a breed that I am buying. That is why I joined the group. You guys have way more insight to this breed than I do because you guys already own and have raised them. 

      • Not really super different, I'd say the biggest change will be the grooming needs.  They are high energy dogs like boxers and require regular exercise.

        The grooming however is a whole new ballgame - for starters I'd say you need at least a good brush (a lot of people like the Les Poochs brush, I like the Chris Christensen pin brush), a straight toothed comb, a small pair of round tipped scissors and a pair of nail clippers.  That will give you enough essential tools to maintain the coat in between groomings.  Depending on your doodle's coat type they will need at least weekly brushing, some (like mine) require brushing every few days to keep the mats away.  The Grooming group on this site has a lot of great resources as well.

      • I agree on grooming.  Just getting puppy used to handling and the presence of grooming tools.  Otherwise not much different than boxers or labs or golden retrievers insofar as puppyness.

  • I would join the puppy madness group here as it will have all of the info you will ever need about raising a goldendoodle puppy.  There is over 11 years of all of us raising our doodles and the problems we have encountered.  But I agree grooming is going to be the biggest difference in your case.  Other than 10 years is a long time to remember what it was like having a puppy, lol!  Sort of like they say with childbirth ... you forget the pain after a little while.


    • Yeah but then if you have another baby the memories come right back lol!  Just like puppyhood :p

  • Thanks guys for the information.  We are ready for him to come home!

  • Cute pup! M/F?  Do you have a name picked out already?

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