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Hi! I'm new to this page, and not quite sure how it works. But we are looking to add a puppy to our family this spring. It's been a full year now since we had to say goodbye to our Shiba Inu at 15 years old. Our hearts are still broken, but open to a new puppy love. We are interested in doodles because they are good family dogs and we have two kids. Also interested in the less shedding!

I've been looking for MINI sizes, up to 40 lbs. or so. And interested in Bernedoodle, Labradoodle or Goldendoodle. And tips or suggestions would be welcomed. Also, need a reputable breeder near Chicago.



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Hi Nicole,
Welcome to DK. 
Breeder recommendations, reviews and referrals are not permitted here in the open forums. People may send you a private message if you accept a friend request from them.
Far more reliable and dependable than personal referrals though is to use our excellent guideline What to Look for in a Breeder find a reputable breeder. These are the minimum standards you should require in any breeder you consider. Most important is verifiable genetic health testing of the parents. use this guide as a check list and run from anyone who cannot meet these standards. 

The advice Karen gave you is really good.  It is very important to find a breeder that is reputable.  Getting the answers to the questions posed in the guide will lead you to finding a great breeder.  What you can do is google labradoodle breeders in Chicago - and repeat it with other poodle mixes you are interested in.  Then go to their websites and look to see what of those guide questions you can answer yourself - is health testing of the parent dogs posted? what is their health guarantee - if it requires that you return the puppy you have that isn't good.  If the website requires that you buy their food - again not good.  Notice how many dogs the breeder has.  If it is very many and they are not in guardian homes, then it is likely they live in kennels NOT inside their home.  google earth the address - what does the property look like?  Once you narrow down your search, contact the breeders with the rest of your questions so you can narrow it down more. 

Welcome. I love doodles.  I just recently started seeing Bernedoodles.  They are so stinking cute.  I had no idea they were breeding them.. I love them.   There are some great groups on FB that have pictures of their doodles there and you can freely share experiences with breeders.  You have to be careful as some breeders are really shady and do false representation.  Congrats on your decision to get another family members. 

They are indeed adorable.  :)  I may be biased though!

It was very difficult to find a reputable breeder though and since Bernese are prone to joint issues among many other problems health testing is super important.

They really are. ❤️❤️❤️❤️   

Great! Thanks for all the tips!



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