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Hi All,

I'm brand new to this site. I'm looking to adopt or purchase a minigolden doodle. Ideally I'd like to find either a rescue group or breeder who is driving distance from Fairfield County, Connecticut. 

I've had people give me the names of Lakeshore Golden Doodle near Rochester NY. Another local woman suggested Swiss Ridge breeders near Toronto Ontario. I'm willing to go as far as southern Main to find a breeder. 

Also, are there any rescue societies that specialize in the breed, since I'm also interested in adopting an older dog. 

Any suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated. 


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Hi Joan,

Breeder recommendations, referrals, and reviews are not permitted here in the open forums. Members may send you a private message if you accept a friend request from them.
Much more important and useful than personal referrals is to read our guidelines on What to Look for in a Breeder and take it to heart. Run from anyoen who cannot meet these minimal standards. Most important is to see proof of genetic health testing on the parents, and to look at the breeder's health warranty and sales contract.

Good luck in your search.

Thank you so much. This is all very useful. 

There are two nationwide doodle specific rescues: Doodle Rescue Collective and IDOG


There are also doodle specific rescues in TX and MI, but they will not adopt out of state.
Private all breed rescues often have doodles; however, in your part of the country, they get adopted very quickly. 
You should also be aware that if you want to go the rescue route, you may have to be a little bit more flexible regarding the exact breed mix. Right now, mini goldendoodles are in very high demand; I administer DRC's websites and FB pages, and 99 out of a 100 people who contact us are looking for that specific size and mix. So you are going to have some stiff competition. And the exact mix really doesn't matter; there is not a minigoldendoodle on the planet who has the temperament & personality of a Golden Retriever, lol. 

Labradoodles are very nice dogs, too. :)
You should really consider any nice Poodle mix of about the size you want. It will give you a lot more options and a better chance of adopting a nice dog sooner rather than later. 

I will send you a Private message when my friend request is accepted.

Thanks Ginny.



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